Super Food, Super Delicious!

My only food-related New Year’s resolution is “Eat less food from a drive-thru”. I’ve made drastic diet resolutions in the past and – not shocking – I’ve always failed. Always. If I’m not just throwing the whole thing out the window I’m busy trying to get around it somehow. (Well this ice cream is totally local and organic, which means it’s ok. It’s not like I’m eating horrible procesed candy from a bag…)

So “fewer drive-thrus” is a good goal. If I have to at least get out of the car and walk in to get my take-out at least it’s more likely to have a vegetable in it. I’m also menu planning again – maybe I’ll even get a What’s For Dinner post up! – and keeping the fruit bowl full. But when it’s lunch time and I’m standing in my kitchen and I realize I haven’t eaten anything that day and am suddenly STARVING, even a no-drive-thru rule doesn’t stop me from eating a pint of ice cream instead of real food. There has to be something easy and delicious right there.

eat smart wild greens and quinoa salad kit-8

A few weeks ago I got a big box of Eat Smart salad and stir fry kits to try out with my family. I was equal parts excited and nervous – I love the idea of fancy gourmet salads full of super foods, but kale and chicory and quinoa are intimidating. I mean, I listen to a lot of NPR but I don’t drive a hybrid OR have a compost pile. Am I even allowed to eat super foods?

eat smart wild greens and quinoa salad kit-7

That’s what quinoa looks like if you’re putting it on a salad. The more you know!

ABSOLUTELY. It turns out when someone hands you a bag of vegetables already all washed, chopped and ready to go it’s really easy to eat them. And when they give you fancy cheese, nuts and dressing to put on top it’s hard to STOP eating them.

I served the Ginger Bok Choy salad to my kids with Christmas dinner. They loved the snap peas, carrots and peanuts and I loved the dressing. I served the Sweet Kale salad to my extended family when they were here for Caroline’s birthday and everyone was amazed it came out of a bag. The pumpkin seeds and chewey dried cranberries were such a nice addition to all the crunchy greens.

And I ate the entire bag of Wild Greens & Quinoa salad by myself. In one sitting. It was delicious.

eat smart wild greens and quinoa salad kit

I’m suspicious of cabbage, but was totally sold on the Avocado Herb Dressing

eat smart wild greens and quinoa salad kit-3

Gluten free! (In case that’s important to you)

eat smart wild greens and quinoa salad kit-5

It LOOKS so healthy, while also looking pretty

eat smart wild greens and quinoa salad kit-6

I’m grateful they meassured out all the toppings for me, since when I made my own salad it’s usually 30% greens and 70% cheese.

eat smart wild greens and quinoa salad kit-8

All dressed and ready to be shoved in my face

If you’ve made a resolution to eat more veggies, I highly recommend Eat Smart. If you’re having dinner guests and need a salad to throw on the table, I definitely recomment Eat Smart. If your favorite thing to order when you go out to lunch is fancy salads, I completely recommend Eat Smart. Basically, I’m really glad I got to try these salads and I’m confident that you’ll like them too.

You can check out this product finder here to see where you can pick up your own salad kits. Local friends, Stop & Shop has them. Mom, Giant has them. Or you can just come over here, because I definitely have some in my fridge.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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7 Responses to “Super Food, Super Delicious!”

  1. That looks pretty yummy. My issue is that every time I buy premade salad, I end up not eating enough of it and it wilts/expires … I do love yummy dressings though so perhaps this wouldn’t be the case with this one.

    • bebehblog says:

      So, they delivered these in a big refridgerated box on December 5th and I served one on December 24th and it wasn’t the least bit slimy. I think these greens hold up WAY better than regular lettuce. Because I totally have that problem with bagged salads usually too!

      • That’s good :). I looked it up and they’re mostly at Sam’s Club near me (and I don’t have a membership) but VG Foods also has it, and I don’t think you need a membership. So I’ll check them out.

  2. Barbra says:

    I’ve always preferred salads that had more crunchy veggies than lettuce. It’s much more work to chop up broccoli and carrots so I don’t eat it very often. I would definitely buy this for my work lunches or when hubby is out of town (he does most of our cooking). It’s lunchtime now and I’m starving and now I want a tasty crunchy salad. Not leftover soup.

  3. Raincheckmom says:

    It was a delicious salad and I WILL look for these at Giant!

  4. Julie S. says:

    Yum! Those look SO good!

  5. Jen F (from Robinson) says:

    To Suzanne’s Mom – they also have them at Harris Teeter, I just got a bag today (because of this post … and also, laziness.)

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