Baby Evan has been asleep ALL DAY. I know I’m going to pay for it tonight but right now it seems totally worth it. Having something latched on to your boob for 5+ hours a day isn’t so bad when you’re wearing clean, dry clothes and ate dinner with a knife AND a fork.

The weather here has been so ridiculously awful the weatherman actually started apologizing for his forecasts. My brilliant plan to get back in shape by pushing the stroller all over town would have to include four layers of clothing for each of us and an extra arm to hold the umbrella. Unfortunately, extra limbs are not a side effect of having babies (Although they should be. Have you ever tried to get up off the couch while holding an infant when your core muscles are so weak you can barely cough?) so we’ve been spending all our time inside eating cookies. Delicious, but not helping me get into my jeans.

Today, however, was beautiful. Mom and I spent the afternoon doing spring clean up in the garden and tomorrow we’re going to make a quick trip to the garden center. I want to plant something in honor of Baby Evan’s birth – I’m thinking a blueberry bush – and I can’t resist a few pansies now that I’ve got empty flower beds to fill. It’s so nice to do something non-baby related. As much as I love Evan, he’s not very interesting right now. His only skills are thrashing his head around when you try to burp him and spitting up on every soft surface in the family room, both of which get kind of old after the 10th or 11th time. I can’t entirely escape the baby-errands since I also need to pick up diapers and wipes. Either the dog is eating them or I have a bad infestation of nursery elves, because I can’t believe we could have used 84 diapers since Saturday. How old does this kid have to be for potty training?

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  1. Brigid says:

    Nick likes to whack me in the mouth with his head when I’m trying to burp him. Yay babies! He also likes to aim his spit up right down my cleavage. I don’t always notice, and then I walk around loudly wondering why I smell like a hag.

    I’ve been making third arm comments as well. It would be so nice if I could hold Nick with one arm, feed him with the other arm, and then have a third arm to hold a sandwich, book, remote control, glass of water, or telephone. How can we get all Zaphod Beeblebrox up in here?

  2. Hazel says:

    One of the kids in this article starting potty training at 10 weeks:

    Time to buy a potty chair!

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