Sleeping like a baby

Baby Evan slept for NINE HOURS last night! I feel like George Clooney just showed up at my door on a unicorn to cook me breakfast and give me the Publishers Clearing House giant check and when I looked in the mirror I had lost 50 lbs and grew two inches. To celebrate, here’s Baby’s Greatest Hits from recent naps.




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  1. lalaland13 says:

    You must have done this to taunt me, as I can barely keep my head up at work today.

    Seriously, that’s pretty darn awesome. And you probably didn’t even have to give him sleeping pills! Which is good, as mine aren’t working beyond making me late for work and groggy as heck.

  2. sarrible says:

    You know, I never had an opinion on other people’s navels, you know, except for Hugh Jackman’s, because you have got to admit that is a nice belly button, but your baby has the most adorable belly I’ve ever seen. I want to poke it.

  3. sara says:

    oh my gosh, I am totally in love with the top picture! he is gorgeous and i want one!! :)

  4. FourInchHeels says:

    STOP MAKING ME WANT BABIES! You’re making my ovaries pine after your squishy little kiddo, and adorable children don’t make for good birth control the way ugly and misbehaving ones do.

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