Pink Thursday

Although I didn’t know who Kristine Brite was until a few days ago, Baby Evan and I are wearing pink in honor of her baby Cora (born November 29th, died December 6th). I learned of her tragedy through the Twitter grape vine and although I can’t begin to comprehend Kristine’s pain my heart breaks for her. Here’s her story in her own words:

Cora died instantly on my chest while breastfeeding. One hundred percent healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She scored 9s on both Apgar test. We jumped in the car and drove 70 through Decatur to the hospital as soon as I looked down and saw her bloodied face covering my breast. Getting her there within moments of her stopping breathing. She had a heart condition impossible to detect in utero or at birth without special testing.

Cora was meant to teach us something I’m sure of it. She changed my life. Ben and I quit smoking, struggled to prepare financially, took parenting classes, and after she was born watched her in shifts. She was never alone even when sleeping. We were all meant to learn something from her.

Compassion, patience, love.

Today I will show compassion, patience and love. I will try to appreciate all I have more. I will hug my baby extra tight, thank God I’ve had so many days with him already, and pray I get a million more. I hope Kristine and her family can feel everyone’s love and know how many people are thinking of them today.


For Cora

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  1. Merin says:

    So tragically sad. Hearing this really does help you to appreciate the time you have with your child (even the time at 3 am! Or 11 PM and 6 AM when your baby has amazingly become both a night owl AND a morning person). Every moment is a gift. My Cora chose to wear pink today-she must have known someone out there was needing support. Thank you for sharing this Suzanne.

  2. Kristine says:

    So glad you learned from sweet Cora. Even though she only met a handful of people besides the hospital staff in her short life, she’s touched so, so many. For this, I am thankful.

    With love,
    (Cora’s momma)

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