It's to hot to have complete thoughts

I have the world’s sweatiest baby. I feel so bad for him and his sticky, sweaty skin I’ve taken off his diaper and am letting him play naked on the baby gym. I know I’m tempting fate big time but I figure I was going to wash that play mat today anyways.

The chocolate I bought this afternoon already melted. I had to put the rest of it in the fridge, right on top of the vegetables. Gee, I guess I’ll have to eat it all before I get to the healthy stuff. Except that it’s so hot that the thought of eating something as heavy as chocolate makes me feel sick.

The cashier at the grocery store dropped my avocado. I thought she had just bruised it but it broke open on the way home. I am unreasonably angry about the loss and want to go back smash it in her face. I was really looking forward to that avocado.

I ran into the husband of my old boss’s best friend when I picked up lunch. He was all “oh call us and come hang out” and I was “oh yeah I totally will” even though I know we won’t ever actually do it. It’s way too hard to coordinate everything with 3 working adults and a 4 month old. Too many “maybe”s. This is why I don’t have very many friends.

I’ve drunk two full pitchers of Crystal Light today. Maybe if I write about it they’ll send me some coupons. That stuff’s expensive.

It’s so hot in my house, my satellite receiver just stopped working and warned me it was in danger of BLOWING UP. Ok not really, but has “exceeded the recommended operating temperature” and none of the buttons work. So now the fan is blowing on that instead of on me.

The baby managed to roll off his mat and onto the floor so now he’s covered – COVERED – in dog hair and random bits of dirt. He looks totally neglected and trashy. In a minute I’m going to go wash him off with the garden hose.

All of my plants have died from the heat and lack of rain. I would care more if it wasn’t too damn hot to go outside and garden.

OMG IT’S HOT. SO HOT. HOT HOT HOT. I LITERALLY CANNOT THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE BESIDES HOW HOT IT IS RIGHT NOW. I would go to the library but they’re closed this week for budget reasons. E is out of town for work so I can’t beg him to install a window unit. I’m about an hour away from moving into the furniture display at JC Pennys, just because they have air conditioning and somewhere to take a nap. Do you think they mind baby spit up on their floor displays?

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  1. Audrey says:

    I had to take the baby to Target this afternoon to escape the dreadful heat. God I wish we had any sort of a/c. We’ve been showering just before bed so the wet skin/hair will be chilled by the fan. Last night this led to the baby peeing all over the hubby’s side of the bed – which I found amusing but for some reason he didn’t. They say it’s going to rain tonight..I can’t wait!

  2. sarrible says:

    I recommend going to see Transformers. It’s really long, so you totally get your money’s worth of air conditioning. And you can just shove bits of cotton in the baby’s ears.

  3. MStrader says:

    You should make a trip to Ohio. We have air conditioning and would love to meet our nephew…….

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