Getting his political future started

Look what Baby Evan got in the mail today:


How cool is that?! I had submitted a request for a birth congratulations card when the baby was only a few weeks old and totally forgot about it. Apparently they’re taking a very long time to process under the new administration (Yes we can hold babies!) but they are definitely still sending them out.

You can send a request to:
White House Greetings Office
Room 39
Washington, DC 20500

Include you name, your baby’s name, address and date of birth. I also wrote a little note thanking them for their time.
Unfortunately, Evan’s name isn’t on the actual card but it’s written in caligraphy on the envelope! I’m so excited to put it in his baby book!

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13 Responses to “Getting his political future started”

  1. SpicyTamale says:

    That is awesome! I wonder if I can President and First Lady to send Jameson a birthday card!

  2. Robyn says:

    I’m totally going to write to them for one for Rory! we haven’t gotten her birth certificate yet, but maybe we’ll at least get a congratulations card.

  3. ryan says:

    i LOVE this! can’t wait to send away for one for my soon-to-be-arriving young democrat.

  4. h_a_l says:

    Holy crap I am sending my request RIGHT NOW. What a cool piece of memorabilia this is!! Way better than my “Women for Obama” pin, that’s for sure. This will also go so well with her “Barack Obama 101” little board book my friends gave her.

  5. bebehblog says:

    SpicyTamale – I don’t know if they do birthday cards (try Googling it, I didn’t have any luck getting info from the actual White House website) but you can request a birth congratulations for any baby born in the last 12 months. I might start sending these requests in for everyone I know who gives birth, just because it’s super fun to get mail from the president!

  6. bebehblog says:

    And Robyn, you know you can go down to town hall and request the birth certificate right? I called the hospital to find out where ours was and they said we had to go get it ourselves!

  7. sarrible says:

    Could you please take a picture of your parents’ faces when you show them that?

  8. Emmie Bee says:

    lol. Hudson got the same one!!! He was born on inagruation day and one of my best friends works at The White House so she arranged to have it sent (I didn’t even know they did that!). I was super stoked. I loved that the envelope was hand written- it made me feel special.

  9. Emmie Bee says:

    Inauguration. Damn. That was an EPIC spelling failure!

  10. Other Erin says:

    It’s amazing all of the possibiliites the autopen created.

  11. lalaland13 says:

    Ohh I have got to get myself knocked up in the next three years so I can get one of these things. And scare my family with it.

    Kidding aside, if I ever have babies, I am just OCD enough to insist on having them during a Dem administration. I may not have babies.

  12. Robyn says:

    Thanks for letting me know about the birth certificate. i remember them telling me something about, if it doesn’t come in 12 weeks, call so and so, but the details are very fuzzy. i’ll go to the town hall.

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