I’m MIA today because I spent the whole morning finishing knitting this thing together:

It’s not very stylish but it’s such a happy color and was so easy to make I think I love it.

Plus I wrote a post for my dear friend Hannah over on her blog, Peggy Ann Design. It’s about organizing my cookbook shelf. I know, really riveting stuff. Check her out!

Then this afternoon I’ve got my pre-op appointment with the urologist so HOPEFULLY this whole kidney thing will be over for good in the very near future.

And if I get my way we’ll finish the day with a trip to Ikea for dinner. Such a nice Friday!

See you tomorrow for my iPhone wrap up!


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6 Responses to “Elsewhere”

  1. Cole says:

    Have *several* Swedish meatballs for Mommy and me! I love how your new vest goes so well with your headband! :)

  2. Mom D says:

    Did you make the headband also? The vest looks really nice, and the headband just adds to it :)

  3. Seriously! You’re super knitter in my eyes! That vest is so cute. Loved the guest post too.

  4. Sarah-Anne says:

    you are so pretty!!
    that’s all.

  5. Super cute! I especially love it with the headband :)

  6. Krust says:

    You knit that thing! That’s amazing! I LOVE the color. A knit vest is definitely stylish, I think. You look adorable.

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