Dancing Baby

I had what was supposed to be a quick checkup yesterday, but my doctor was running really late. Normally I get annoyed when people are behind schedule but since she had just delivered someone’s child I’ll forgive her tardiness just this once. They had just planned to use the Doppler (like the weatherman?) to check the heartbeat but since I’m right at 12 weeks the nurse said that machine can’t always hear it, so she set up the ultrasound machine to save time. My doctor ran in, squirted that stuff on my stomach, and two seconds later I saw my actual baby. Not a blob, not a tadpole, a real human baby. It had arms! And a face! It waved at me! But no word on the hamburger/hot dog situation yet. The doctor tried to take a picture but it was moving so much it’s all blurry. But I don’t really mind, moving is a good thing. Baby obviously inherited it’s super cool moves from E. He had a meeting at 10:30 and didn’t make it to the appointment, so he’s a little annoyed I got to see the baby dance and he didn’t. I have another “quick checkup” on October 17th, so hopefully it will include another surprise ultrasound. I finally feel 100% confident in saying I’m pregnant, I’m having a baby, and my baby definitely has two arms.

P.S. Quick moving update: There’s a possibility for a super awesome shore duty job here in Groton. Chances of San Diego are down to about 50%. I’m giving it two weeks before I start planning on moving for real.


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  1. lalaland13 says:

    Keeping fingers crossed for no move. Surely the fact that is wife is gestating will count for something with the job-giving people.

    And they usually can’t tell gender till fourth month anyway, right? So October should be about right.

  2. FF says:

    Did bebeh say “ooga chaka?”

    Also, what are the chances of moving to CHARLESTON??? Can we plz make that happen?

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