Last week I decided I deserved a little present, so I ordered myself a pair of boots and a pair of flat silver sandals from Piperlime. My 20% coupon combined with free shipping seemed like the perfect opportunity to treat myself. I’ve been SO EXCITED to get these shoes, since most of my shopping recently has been for giant tubes of diaper rash cream or industrial sized maxi pads. The UPS guy just dropped off my box.

Unfortunately, I won’t be wearing either pair anytime soon. The boots won’t zip over my GIANT ANKLES and the two feet of snow on the ground doesn’t make for very good sandal weather. Plus I can’t even reach my heels to pull them on. Why did I think buying shoes was a good idea?!

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  1. h_a_l says:

    If it makes you feel any better my non-pregnant self generally has a problem with boots due to my humongous calves (which I like to think of as muscular).

    And just think about how cute the sandals will be in May when the weather improves and Baby E is ready for some outside time. Or you could turn up the heat and wear them around the house?

  2. bebehblog says:

    To be truthful, I also have “muscular” calves so I really should have known better than to buy online. But these boots were reviewed as having an extra large opening – I just didn’t realize quite HOW MUCH my legs and feet have swollen.

  3. sarrible says:

    I actually measured the circumference of my calves (they’re like the size of Scarlett O’Hara’s waist) before buying my new pair of knee-high boots from Zappos’ section for “the athletic calf” (which I believe translates as “your ancestors were stocky peasant potato farmers and YOU SHALL NOT WEAR J. CREW”). They just barely fit. But I heart them. I’m sure your feet will deflate promptly after giving birth. Maybe that’s where you’re keeping the other 20% of your brain.

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