Every Day of My Life


Welcome to the landing page for my 365 photography project. I’ve been taking a photo a day since January 1, 2015. You can view each year’s album on my Facebook page. I sometimes share my 365 photos (and many other daily photos) on my Instagram. And you can always check out the Photography category here on my blog to see more pictures.

Rules by year:

2015 – Photos are unedited, shot in JPEG and posted straight out of camera. The only exceptions are a few times I forgot to switch back from RAW after a client session and when I used the in-camera black and white option.

2016 – Photos shot in RAW and then edited on my computer. I didn’t have any specific rules in mind, but I did record and share my camera and lens settings each day to identify where I needed to be more mindful.

2017 – Photos shot in RAW and edited either on my computer or in the LR Moblie app on my phone if I was traveling/too tired to get to the laptop. I also made a black and white copy of each photo so I can print a coffee table book at the end of the year.

I also maintain a separate, more casual version of a 365 project with my iPhone photos here on my blog, where I’ve recorded at least one photo every day in a weekly round-up for many, many years. You can see those, although they’re much more of a personal diary than an art project, by checking out my Week in iPhone Photos posts.