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Spring Break Plans: Cirque Eloize at Foxwoods!

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Our spring break is next week and I’m starting to plan our schedule so that we don’t end up screaming at each other staying home the whole time. Getting out of the house during the week is both really fun AND important to our mental health when we don’t have actual vacation plans.

We are BIG fans of the Cirque Eloize shows that sometimes visit Foxwoods Casino. E and I attended one a couple years ago where we got to get up on stage during rehearsal and try our hand at some of the stunts. And then last year we took the kids to another show – Saloon – that had some of the coolest performers we’ve ever seen.

So when I got an email saying Cirque Eloize is coming back for another show during Spring Break, I jumped at the chance for tickets.

This year’s show is both kid-friendly and hands-on. They’re running a special pre-show experience to meet the cast, take pictures and maybe participate in a few activities. From the press release:

The cast of Cirque Éloize Cirkopolis is treating families to a unique and interactive experience before their seven-show run at Foxwoods. Families can enter the enchanting world of contortionists, jugglers and aerial acrobats as the cast prepares for show time! Lucky kids and parents will be invited on stage to participate in some of the crowd-favorite tricks from the show. The cast of clowns and artists will greet guests and take photos through out the show. This amazing “Behind the Scenes Family Experience” will on Tuesday, April 11 at 12:15 p.m. at Fox Theater. Tickets are required in advance and may be purchased in advance at
Besides the new Cirque show, Foxwoods has a ton of stuff going on for Kids Week during April vacation days this month. From food and arcade specials to free movies and face painting, it’s a great way to get out of the house if you’re planning a staycation. I hear they’re going to have roaming superheroes for photo ops, so Linc is DEFINITELY going to have one of the best days of his life.
The activities actually continues into the following week, after our spring break, but I plan to take Linc and Finn to the baby animal petting zoo (because, duh) at the outlets on April 17th from 1-3pm. They have tons of fun stuff going on so be sure to check out the full schedule and let me know if you’ll be there!

Connecticut Renaissance Faire {2013}

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

We went to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire (the extra e is absolutely necessary) last weekend. It was ANOTHER Sunday that E was able to join us (Two in a row! I’m getting spoiled!) and it was probably the most fun day we’ve had in a really, really long time. We are just dorky enough to think people in costume talking to us in fake Olde English accents is fantastic, and the kids were basically in heaven with tons of people talking to them and calling them Princess Caroline and Brave Sir Evan. We’d only been there 20 minutes and Caroline was already a Butterfly Princess Warrior, Evan had a sword and shield, and E had a giant turkey leg. I blew through every dollar in my wallet during our 3 hours there and I regret nothing.

Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-2

Caroline is a face paint champ already.

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-3

What does the fox say?

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-4

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-5

This girl’s costume was amazing (and she must have been MELTING inside those fur pants).

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-7

The dragon gave her beads and said “Never do anything for beads!”

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-8

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-9

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-10

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-11

This acrobat was unreal. How is that even possible????

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-12

Both kids loved that turkey leg.

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-13

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-14

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-15

Evan could barely fight he was laughing so hard.

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-16


Connecticut Renaissance Faire-17

This guy put one of the fancy hats on Evan and I said “Sorry honey, I don’t have enough money.” Evan grabbed the kid-sized hat and said “This one isn’t too ‘spensive!” He was right.

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-18

That’s Caroline’s angry pirate face.

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-19

Of course Caroline got a tiny sword too.

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-20

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-21

King Henry VIII. Not sure which wife that is. Katherine? The first one?

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-22

I have no idea why there was a guy selling these super cool puppets, but he let the kids play with them and they LOVED it.

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-23

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-24

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-25

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-27

Watching the Trash to Treasure show

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-28

Authentic Olde Tymee Root Beer Floats

Connecticut Renaissance Faire-29

My kids are such participators. They both RAN up on stage to be bears in the Betty White and the Three Bears and the Beanstalk (or whatever this crazy show was called).

I’m hoping we can go back again before they leave in mid-October. We didn’t even get to see the rat circus or the jousting!

How To Celebrate Veterans Day

Friday, November 11th, 2011

It’s that time of year again when everyone from department stores to car dealerships to hair salons suddenly wants to “support the troops”. Companies are hoping to cash in on Veterans Day now and then carry it through the holiday season, which is often a difficult and emotional time for military families. Many vets are alone or struggling, children are missing their deployed parents, and families are stationed far away from the comforts and familiarity of home.

You can call it pessimism if you want, but I am not a fan of corporations using our troops and veterans to sell more stuff. It feels manipulative and cheap. They’re selling more hamburgers and greeting cards, not actual support. What about the men and women who are living those artfully lit, sad background music commercials every day? Support is letting them know we haven’t forgotten about their sacrifice. Support is given with love in mind, not profits.

No matter how you feel about the current conflicts – or war in general – our military is a vital part of keeping all Americans safe and free in an imperfect world. Buying a box of cereal is not the best you can do.

So how can you support past and preset service men and women?

– On a large scale, vote for those who support veterans (and don’t vote for those who don’t) and encourage your representatives to pass legislation that helps veterans get jobs.

– Be aware of the mental health challenges facing veterans. If you see a vet  or their loved one struggling or suspect they need someone to talk to, pass on the number for the Vet Crisis Line (1-800-273-8255 press 1) or help them access

– Visit a nursing home and ask to sit with a veteran for an hour to listen to their story. Do you have a relative who is a veteran? Ask if they’d be interested in recording their memories on video or audio to share with future generations.

– Send a care package to someone currently serving. is  great resource to find service men and women with specific needs.

– Support the USO directly, either with a donation or by volunteering your time.

– Call a friend who’s in the military to chat. Bring dinner to a mom whose husband is deployed. Pick up the tab for a service member at a restaurant. Help a local organization clean up veterans’ graves. Volunteer to babysit so a couple can spend some time together before they’re separated by the military again. Do one small thing today that shows you appreciate a vet.

And remember it doesn’t have to be Veterans Day for you to do any of these things. Our men and women in uniform serve 365 days a year and memories of their service last a lifetime.