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Thankful Day 22: Man’s Best Friend

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Poor, poor Brutus. He’s such a great dog and we take him so much for granted. Clean up this mess Brutus! Watch the baby while I run upstairs Brutus! Let the toddler jump on you like a trampoline Brutus! Fetch me a drink Brutus! (Still working on that last one, sadly.) He’s amazing with the kids and lets them climb all over him or ride him like a horse and never complains. He gets fed last and let out to pee last and almost never gets real walks anymore. He went from full-person status in our family with his own spot on the couch to low dog on the totem pole who isn’t even allowed to eat food off the floor without permission. And yet he continues to be the best dog ever.

We let him off leash on our walk yesterday and he was in doggy heaven smelling ALL THE THINGS and marking ALL THE THINGS and eating ALL THE THINGS. He loves all the things.

After our walk, Brutus was exhausted and barely moved for the rest of the day. He turned 6 in October – which is CRAZY because I remember getting him here in Ohio like it was yesterday – and he’s starting to show his age, even though I still think of him like this:



Today I am thankful for a loyal, patient, dog who makes me feel safer when E isn’t home and I hear scary noises and who barks REALLY REALLY LOUD when strange people ring the doorbell. We are so lucky Brutus is part of our family.