My Week (51) in iPhone Photos

Despite the fact that this WASN’T a typical week (hellooooooo single parenting) it was about as typical as any of our weeks are. Stroller Strides, playground, errands, cooking, lots of sleeping babies. But we survived and had fun and no one’s eyes rotted out because of too much Nick Jr. or starved to death because all they ate was Goldfish crackers.


Yes, Hello, We will buy ALL the pumpkins.

The portabello mushrooms were really just a goat-cheese-face-delivery device.

Late night toddler party


I ruined a beautiful morning by exercising.

Playdough playgroup

It is a universal truth that water from a faucet tastes better than water from a cup.


Does this LOOK like the face of someone being naughty?

I refuse to let him even try the big kid swings. He's not allowed to not need me!

Bebeh toes



So close, yet so far away. Victims of a cruel mother.

Dreaming of a quiet bath of his own


No YOU were just dancing to the Olivia theme song

She loves this book.

Riding dirty (on the side of the shopping cart).


Too busy playing dollhouse to get dressed.

I like this.

Fine, if you won't let me eat those Oreos you snuck into your cart I'll eat my shoe.


My husband brought me a nice healthy salad for lunch...

...and then I went shopping for CARBS AND MEAT. Caaaaaarbs.

Caroline says "Gimme the boobs or I'll pop a cap in you, Mama".

The coming week is going to be ALL CRAFTING ALL KNITTING ALL BAKING ALL HALLOWEEN ALL CLEANING ALL THE TIME. It’s E’s last week before he starts design school (spoken lots of time out of town in a hotel) and I have a Halloween party that miiiiight have gotten a little out of hand to prepare for. It’s going to be super fun (and super bad for my diet) and if you’re reading this you should definitely come too. I’m forcing my whole family to wear Halloween costumes. Come back on October 31st for some EPIC pictures.

p.s. I’m also probably maybe sort of thinking about upgrading my iPhone so these weekly roundups aren’t such a blurry mess. I think that would be a good way to end my FULL YEAR of iPhone photos.

Did you take any camera phone photos this week? Link up with one or lots using the linky below and grab the code (so it shows on your blog too!) over at Amy’s . It’s really fun!


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6 Responses to “My Week (51) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Amanda says:

    Fun, fun, fun at your house! Maybe when I get my iPhone THIS WEEK I will start this again. But really who wants to see pictures of a sleeping baby in the stroller, mounds of laundry and what I eat for dinner? My life is a bit boring and typical! Lol

  2. Denae says:

    Is E doing an designing/engineering class? Or is he looking for a spot on project runway? Either way he has our support for his fierceness. We so used to ride on the side of the cart like that. Until we were too heavy and the cart almost flipped. Is there a milestone for that? two years old?

    Suzanne, your energy and super mom-ness so puts me to shame. You have had me considering to start knitting again, and then I died of exhaustion and decided to pay someone for knitted goodness.

    • bebehblog says:

      Ahahahaha it’s engineering design school for Virginia class submarines, but Project Runway is way funnier. Especially because he HATES Project Runway.

      Knitting has replaced wine as the thing that relaxes me, which is the only reason it gets done. Super Mom doesn’t live in my house – she’d be too grossed out by the state of my floors.

  3. Kimberly says:

    When we were little, the best water came from the hose. It makes me a little sick to think about it now.
    I am so hosting a play doh playdate soon. Such a GREAT idea!
    And “riding dirty” had me LOLing right up until I got to “pop a cap”! hahahahaha

  4. Erin..... says:

    Yey!!! I’m so excited that we get to come to the party!!! :)

  5. Cole says:

    Those portabella goat cheese things look Ah-mazing. Also, The Monster at the End of this Book is one of my favorites… have you checked out the iPhone/iPad app? It’s great!

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