Hello March

My spring post was a little premature, seeing as how it’s currently snowing. That doesn’t change the fact that with Baby Evan is due April 1st, I’ve only got 1 month to go. That makes me 9 months pregnant and exempt from all social constructs and obligations, including but not limited to: wearing pants, not talking about bodily fluids in mixed company, being patient with the woman writing a check in the express lane at the grocery store, tolerating drunk people, eating at normal times, hanging out with people I don’t really like, shaving my legs, and cooking. Please excuse me in advance.

2 Responses to “Hello March”

  1. JDRegent says:

    Oops, I didn’t realize you had to be pregnant to be allowed to do those things. I may stop getting out of bed altogether once I’m knocked up.

  2. Bounty2009 says:

    great blog, made me smile, thanks! Good luck with it all hun! i’m 32 weeks pregnant myself so have been checking out lots of mummy blogs; theres loads of great ones here too http://my.bounty.com/blogs/tabid/54/Default.aspx He’s my first baby – im hoping reading other peoples experiences will make everything ok, lol, probably not but its helping so far! xxx

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