Apple Picking – Holmberg Orchard 2013

Someone mentioned recently that they don’t have apple orchards where she lives (apparently it doesn’t get cold enough??) and I felt really really bad for her. What do you do when you want 40 pounds of apples? Where do you take your children to wear them out so they fall asleep on the floor and you can eat fresh baked apple pie and drink mulled cider while you watch Breaking Bad?

When we first moved here to Connecticut, I lived in an apple orchard (the one I still use for a lot of my photo shoots) and they’re still one of my happy places. Orchards are full of delicious food that literally grows on trees. You can turn them into alcoholic beverages. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?

We’ve been going to Holmberg’s for a bunch of years now (looooook tiny ginger!) and I’d say it’s officially a tradition.

p.s. I once won the town fair prize for best apple pie. I never pass up a chance to mention that.

p.p.s. The orchard was PACKED that day. I’ve never seen it so busy (of course I usually take the kids alone on like a Tuesday, so it shouldn’t have shocked me a beautiful Sunday was a popular time for apple picking). I’m pretty proud of myself for photos where it looks like we’re the only people there.

apple picking-31

apple picking-2

apple picking-3

apple picking

apple picking-4

apple picking-5

apple picking-7

apple picking-9

apple picking-11

apple picking-13

apple picking-16

apple picking-12

apple picking-20

apple picking-21

apple picking-23

apple picking-24

apple picking-42

apple picking-25

apple picking-27

apple picking-28

apple picking-30

apple picking-32

apple picking-33

apple picking-34

apple picking-38

apple picking-36

apple picking-37

apple picking-39

apple picking-40

apple picking-41

Are you ready to move to Connecticut yet?

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4 Responses to “Apple Picking – Holmberg Orchard 2013”

  1. Amy says:

    I was going to complaint that I’d never been to an apple orchard but then I remembered I’d been to a girl scout camp that was orchard adjacent. I don’t think I’ve ever picked them though. Or had a cider doughnut. I AM DEPRIVED.

  2. I have never been to an orchard. Mom tried growing apples but that was an utter failure even with a “climate appropriate” tree. We just dont get a hard enough frost. Most years the ground doesnt even freeze. I am ready to move to CT. I love apple pie. And gingers. And apple cider. :(

  3. Linny says:

    I love apple orchards. I went to one earlier this month that serves hot, fresh, apple cider doughnuts. I may or may not have bought three dozen to bring home to freeze.

  4. merin says:

    The picture are beautiful, but you should be more proud that you got your husband to go apple picking with you! Did you promise pie?

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