7 Years And Not The Least Bit Itchy

Today is my 7th wedding anniversary. According to Wikipedia, the traditional gifts are copper, wool or a nice pen set. Instead of any of those, I gave my husband the gift of 2 babies – one of which refuses to eat from anything but my body – to single parent for four days while I went to California to party like a rock star. I won’t be surprised if he shows up at the airport tonight with his own one-way plane ticket to a dessert island far far away from groin-punching toddlers, teethy biting babies and dogs who are trying to shed themselves hairless. I wouldn’t blame him in the slightest.

But despite my jokes, I know he WILL be there tonight, with two happy and fed and clean and dressed and safe children who he loves and who love him. As much as I rolls his eyes (I swear they’re going to fall right out of his head) when I talk about blogging, he knows it’s important to me and so he supports me. The same way he supports me on the days he comes home from work and I’m lying on the floor covered in babies and practically in tears because all I want is FIVE MINUTES OF PERSONAL SPACE OMG so he sweeps the children up and away before he even takes off his uniform. The same way he supports our whole family by recommitting to serve his country twice, even though I know he sometimes dreams of civilian life. He is consistent and steadfast and strong and honest and just a really, really good guy who lets me write about (and complain about) him on the internet.

And tonight I will be exhausted and grumpy and dirty and hungry and want nothing more than to just hug everyone and then crash for 12 hours. Luckily, E took Monday off to help me recover (and vice versa).

I think I owe him a REALLY NICE pen set.

Obligatory wedding pictures (taken in the stone age on actual film, before everyone used digital)(that I’m pretty sure I’ve posted before) for the anniversary:

Happy 7th Anniversary, Evan. I wouldn’t take back one second of it.

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8 Responses to “7 Years And Not The Least Bit Itchy”

  1. raincheckmom says:

    Happy anniversary to you both!

  2. Amanda says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!! What a wonderful milestone!!! I hope you are both enjoying your separate but exciting weekends.

  4. merin says:

    Happy Anniversary Evan and Suzanne! Matt and I celebrated 6 years yesterday…sadly, I didn’t get to party like a rock star but we did pretend like we are grown ups and had cocktails at the Ocean House! Hope you had a great trip and can’t wait to read all about it.

  5. Miranda says:

    So beautiful. Happy Anniversary! :)

  6. Cole says:

    Happy Anniversary! How gorgeous and happy you looked on your wedding day! :)

  7. brigid keely says:

    “The Seven Year Itch” originally referred to Scabies. Which… IDK, it’s probably good you didn’t give him that.

    Congrats on 7 years! Lucky 7!

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