Yo Ho Ho And A Pirate Treasure Map Cake

Ok, for real, officially, this is the LAST YEAR of the Epic Birthday Party for Evan. I think 5 years of big fancy at-home parties is enough. He’s at an age now where he’d probably rather go somewhere fun like the bowling alley anyway. Plus this year I had to make an all-or-nothing decision on inviting school friends. I went with ALL (13 kids) and have gotten three RSVPs so far. Fingers crossed the five kids who didn’t RSVP and still show up don’t bring a dozen siblings. Fingers also crossed it’s warm enough for the dig-for-treasure station to be outside so all that sand doesn’t end up on my living room floor. In preparation for the party, I had a very deep discussion with Evan regarding cakes.

Me: Evan, what kind of cake do you want for your birthday?
Evan: A pirate cake!
Me: Right, OK, I figured that. But what KIND of pirate cake?
Evan: A BIG pirate cake!

Our trusty local grocery store didn’t have a pirate cake in their book so I begrudgingly decided to make one. My previous attempts at fancy cakes have not gone well and 10 minutes on Pinterest made it clear most pirate cakes are FAR, FAR outside my ability. Luckily there are easier pirate cake ideas than a 3 masted tall ship complete with fondant pirates.

Like a pirate treasure map cake!

pirate treasure map cake

  This weekend the kids and I picked up some candy and frosting and made a “practice” cake. Although, is there really such a thing as a practice cake? It’s cake. It’s ALWAYS time for cake. But I’m glad I did it because I learned a few valuable things:
1. The correct order for frosting is white frosting, “sand”, blue frosting. The sand is actually graham cracker crumbs and it was impossible to keep it off the “water”.
2. Candy is bigger than it looks. It’s hard to draw delicate lines with big chunky candy. For the next cake I might do more in frosting.
3. Sticking stuff on the cake is harder than it looks. My pirate kept falling over until I put some frosting on his feet. I’m glad I didn’t try to add the palm trees I had imagined.
4. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid! It’s a cake for a birthday party – as long as it involves frosting the kids are going to be THRILLED.

pirate cake_-3  

Materials: Cake (from a box!), graham cracker crumbs, icing, gold sprinkles, frosting (I whipped one container with blue food coloring in my mixer), yellow M&Ms, root beer barrels, Twizzler bites, and Captain Hook and Tick Tock Croc stolen from the toy box. The root beer barrels crack me up because I think “But why is the rum gone?!” every time.

pirate treasure map cake

pirate treasure map cake

I added the pirate flag and sword from my extensive collection of pirate stuff I’ve purchased for the party next weekend.

pirate treasure map cake

Both kids’ mouths might be stained blue for the next month, but it’s worth it for my little pirates!

pirate treasure map cake


From the world of Peter Pan, check out the all-new Tinkerbell movie, Disney’s The Pirate Fairy. Available on Blu-ray and Digital HD on April 1. And you can learn more about the Disney Fairies on their Facebook page.

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6 Responses to “Yo Ho Ho And A Pirate Treasure Map Cake”

  1. erniebufflo says:

    It looks amazing! I’m doing DIY cake for the bufflogals’ party next week, but I’m just doing regular cupcakes and making little toppers by printing out little Small World people and sticking them on toothpicks. Your cake is way cooler than that!

    • bebehblog says:

      Thank you! I’ve been doing cupcakes with toppers when I go homemade ever since the huge stressful headache that was Evan’s 2nd birthday cake OMG NIGHTMARE. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? I can’t wait to see your Small World party!

  2. jen says:

    Looks good! Will surely be a fun party! We are a-ok without big, expensive, invite the whole class parties. Ben’s 6th was celebrated almost 6 months later with 2 other friends and I took them to lunch at one of those train restaurants. When he turned 7 we went a little bit with a Nerf gun party but this year it’s a day/evening at the pool with friends (you know it’s super cool to stay at the pool until it closes!) and then a sleepover. When Emilia turned 5 in November, she didn’t even want a party. She wanted to go to a McDonald’s with 3 of her “sisters” and play. EASIEST PARTY EVER! I think the smaller parties with a few close friends have meant so much more to the kids. They remember those parties. Of course, we always have another party with family only but that goes without saying. :)

  3. This is adorable! Great job!

  4. Cute cake and even cuter pirates!

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