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So that crazy hippie baby store I CANNOT SHUT UP ABOUT was used as the site for a local tv bit about a new totally unnecessary parenting advice service. This woman had a baby and read a bunch of baby books and somehow managed to turn that into a money making business where people pay her to summarize those books and watch Harvey Karp’s video with them. Because your life is so incredibly busy that you can’t just order the books on Amazon or YouTube the Happiest Baby on the Block clip. OR maybe YOU CAN JUST READ MY BLOG. I’m just saying. I’ll even let you pay me if it makes you feel like I’m more qualified. I have very reasonable rates.

Anyways, you can see the inside of the store I CANNOT SHUT UP ABOUT in the video clip. Oh, and also, MY BEBEH. And me. Plus my friend Merin and her baby too. (We’re in the last 15 seconds.) Merin was there for a real reason (a tummy time class with her adorable daughter) but I was just trying to whore my baby out for the camera. And it totally worked.

The clip is on the local news station’s website and won’t post here so you’ll have to use this link. Hopefully they don’t take it down in a couple hours!

P.S. They cut the part of the video out where you saw theĀ  male host wearing pants covered in sailboats. They also cut the conversation he had with his co-host earlier in the show where she said “If I bought my husband those pants, I don’t think he would wear them” and the male host said “That’s because HE’S STRAIGHT”.

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9 Responses to “We're on TV!”

  1. Shannon says:

    I just rolled my eyes so hard I think I burst a blood vessel. But you and Baby E looked great!

  2. ryan says:

    okay, that lady is making me feel totally inadequate as a future parent. who is dr. karp? happiest baby on the block, hu?

    p.s. you and your bebeh look sooo happy!

  3. MStrader says:

    I am wondering if people actually pay someone else to come and tell them that when their baby is crying that means they are hungry…..I mean really? If your baby is crying and hasn’t eaten in 2 hrs, they are probably hungry. If your baby has just finished eating and is crying, they are probably tired. If your baby has been laying on the floor playing and starts crying and has taken a nap and eaten recently, they probably want held.

    That will be $500 please.

  4. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    Congrats on the tube time!

  5. lalaland13 says:

    Your TV appearances are way better than mine, which usually consist of “Oh fark there are cameras at this event I’m trying to cover. Hide!”

    You two are adorable. I’m not sure about all those services that woman offered-help knowing what a crying baby wants is probably frustrating sometimes, but I highly doubt she can “translate.” I mean, I know what my cat is saying, but that’s totes different.

  6. Other Erin says:

    Great close up of baby E!

    Also, you strike me as being way more composed in than that lady. I’ll donate the money for your business cards.

  7. Erin (i need to think of a fake name) says:

    She seriously wants people to pay her to tell them which baby crap to buy???? Are these going to be people who haven’t yet heard of the internet????

  8. Danielle says:

    Suzi, I loooove your blog, although I don’t get around to reading but once a month or so. However, since you entertain me, I’ll take your command and try and comment once in a while.

    When/If I ever get pregnant, you’ll be my first reference, for better or worse! When I found out a friend of mine was pregnant the first place I sent her, was Here! Not sure if she’s decided to stop by yet or not. Screw that lady. Why would you pay somebody for that? You know your baby better than anyone else, you’re the one with them all the time. Seriously.

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