My Week(165) in iPhone Photos

Considering this week was Christmas, it was decidedly uneventful. I mean, BESIDES Christmas. But we spent all of the 25th (and the 26th) in pajamas eating stocking candy and being as lazy as possible. Then I got the worst pregnancy headache of my life (aren’t you glad I announced so now I can complain about it all the time???) and barely moved for 2 more days, so there you have it. Uneventful.


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At the casino for some shopping, donuts and examining a fake ice wolf

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Sleeping beauty

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I have eaten two of these in a week


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Watching the zamboni

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Once she got the walker thing she did great

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5 pm. THANK GOD the days are finally getting longer again.


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A Christmas cookie miracle!

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Easiest baking ever

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My favorite part of Christmas Eve


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Arming my children, one gift at a time

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Presents bigger than the child herself

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Blurrily playing their new Jake and the Neverland Pirates game


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Christmas recovery: chugging water and watching HGTV

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Wiggly tooth. He fell on his face. The dentist said he’s going to lose it and have a hole for a long time.

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Nothing says “Happy Day After Christmas” like Taco Bell


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Two things in common: cuddles and technology

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Using his new fan to dry Caroline’s nail polish


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Apparently all the baby wants is fake Mexican food

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Naps for those of us with migraines/exhaustion

I had a newborn session this week (an early Christmas present not due until January!) and another session scheduled for next week, and I’m surprised to find myself excited about it. I burned out a little after the fall and hardly picked up my camera during the holidays so I’m excited to get it out again. Plus I’ve got a pregnancy post to write and a What’s for Dinner post I never finished and like 10,000 words about the Walking Dead I’d like to write but will spare you because no one cares about a show that already happened even if I only just caught up on.

I should probably also get the kids out of the house before we all go nuts, but everyone is doing that so pretty much everywhere is full of parents with the same crazy look in their eyes counting the days until school vacation ends.  I’m hoping a Target run for some storage bins and and Icees for the kids will do the trick.

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5 Responses to “My Week(165) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Liz says:

    I care about the Walking Dead, lol. And omg I need one of those skating things! I fall and bring people down with me :P.

  2. I care about the walking dead too!!! Can we talk about the fact that in season…3? they DID NOT STOCK UP ON FORMULA and therefore all deserve to be eaten by zombies because they are clearly idiots who have not learned to plan ahead? Because I saw that episode like 2 months ago and am still really super annoyed by it.

  3. Headaches and Mexican food sounds like this baby will be another princess. :)

  4. Julie S. says:

    I want Moe’s now after reading this! :)

  5. Audrey says:

    PS – Everett got that Cars fan too, it was a present from Delilah. lol

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