My Week(162) in iPhone Photos

This week was actually way more interesting than it looks in iPhone photos. I just spent nearly all my free minutes with my headphones plugged into my phone listening to podcasts while I tried to get the disaster that is my house under control. I’m happy to report about a 50% improvement. It would be closer to 100 if there weren’t two small people who make more messes literally SECONDS after I clean them up.


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I promise we did lots of things, but the only picture I have is the gingers helping me pick fabric at Joann’s.


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Princesses love iPads

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Princesses also love paint dots


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Morning person

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Practicing his long jump

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Hugging her dog-brother


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This might not impress you, but that’s 50 cents less than the actual price, thanks to Stop & Shop points.

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If they made the salted caramel kind I would be the happiest person EVER.

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This girl loves school, except for the days she doesn’t, in which case OMG THE SCREAMING.

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Waiting very patiently for her brother.


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Princesses want their quesadilla RIGHT NOW.


I’m trying to decide if this stuff will look ridiculous in our slightly-smaller-scale dollhouse


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Finally started decorating – one week to go!

This week I am going to finish 90% of my Christmas shopping, bake a zillion things, decorate for Caroline’s birthday AND Christmas, have a coffee date with a friend, clean the house for my parents and my in-laws (yaaaaaaah!) and possibly dye my hair rose gold.

Today Evan’s school is canceled so we have the morning to decorate the Christmas tree the kids and I chopped down and brought home and got in the house ALL OUR OWN SELVES. Or really, my own self. The kids weren’t very good with the hand saw.

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3 Responses to “My Week(162) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Liz says:

    $3.07 isn’t bad for gas. Gas tends to be anywhere from like $3.15 to $3.85 lately here in Michigan. [I know you said that’s w/ the Stop & Shop points, but still]

  2. Lisa says:

    We have a combination of Ryan’s Room and Plan Toys dollhouse furniture. It might be closer to the scale you need. My toddler is obsessed with the little doors that open and shut. If we were starting from scratch or had an even smaller scale house I might go on ebay and buy a lot of vintage dollhouse furniture (of course, picking one that looks durable).

  3. Mom D says:

    A wise person once told me that cleaning house with kids at home is like trying to shovel your drive in a blizzard :)

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