I’m definitely having a baby! Just one though, which goes to show exactly how lousy my intuition about everything related to my uterus is. I got mostly good news but a little less good news at my first real appointment.

Good: Yes, I am pregnant. The baby is where it is supposed to be and it has a strong heartbeat. The doctor liked my answers to all the health questions and reassured me that I’ve been doing everything right. The very kind nurse didn’t make me look at the scale and assured me I weighed “Exactly 120, just like you thought” (Obviously a joke, I haven’t weighed 120 in a million years). The doctor was also very nice and reminded me of my aunt, but there’s only a 1 in 7 chance she’ll actually deliver my baby. My next appointment is September 19th, only 3 days after Evan’s promotion ceremony, so the time between now and then should go very quickly. I thought the whole hearing the baby’s heartbeat thing would have been more dramatic, but when you’ve got a probe shoved up your hoohoo it’s hard to concentrate.

Not so good: I’m not as pregnant as I thought. Based on the size of the baby (less than a centimeter!) I’m only at about 7 weeks. I just lost 2 whole weeks!! My new due date is April 1st, which is pushing awfully close to my own April 10th birthday. It also explains why I wasn’t having symptoms, and means I’ve got 5 more weeks of feeling like crap until I’m out of the first trimester. Also not so good is my blood test showed I am Rh-negative. I read the little pamphlet they gave me and still can’t keep it all straight, but basically it means my body might attack the fetus if the baby is Rh-positive. The doctor can prevent most issues with a shot at 28 weeks and another after the birth (ugh, not thinking about that part yet), and if the baby is also Rh-negative there is no issue at all. I also learned my blood type: 0 negative! Can you believe I’m 26 and I never knew? I feel so guilty for not donating blood in the past, what with my super universal donor status.

Below are my ultrasound pictures. I’m posting them more out of obligation than anything else because even though it is my own baby, I still think they’re a little boring. Oh look, a blob. Hopefully at my next ultrasound in November there will be more to see, and we can find out if baby (as E said) has a hamburger or a hot dog. Is it wrong that now I’m really hungry?

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  1. Stacyinbean says:

    So glad everything went well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed the baby is Rh negative, I don’t want your body to eat it!

  2. andBegorrah says:

    “a hamburger or a hot dog”??! Is it wrong that I want your E in charge of giving The Talk when the time comes?

  3. misspie says:

    congratulations! i’m glad you had a happy appointment.

    i’m Rh negative, too. my mom has been telling me this for years and for years i have had no idea what she is talking about.

    i get the impression it’s not a big deal anymore. i did hear it posited as a theory about why Anne Boleyn’s pregnancies didn’t work out – the first baby was Rh positive and turned her immune system against the future babies. weird. sort of like this comment.

    anyway. yay for you and the baby!

  4. Trashtastic says:

    You’ll be great! You know we’re all here and love you!

  5. lalaland13 says:

    You know, let us know if you start getting a gut feeling about the baby’s meat type. My mom had a feeling I was a girl, and I think had a feeling my brother was a boy. This was when they had ultrasounds, but I guess they weren’t as good, or the doctor didn’t know, or didn’t tell her. But she had a feeling she was “having a little girl,” as she put it.

    Aprll 1! Don’t have the baby then-you probably won’t, yeah, but that would be…interesting. Not terrible and tragic, probably, but not the best date.

  6. bebehblog says:

    Lala – My mother didn’t have ultrasounds but knew I was a girl. She also “knew” my sister was a boy. She got it right with my brother though, so that’s 2 out of 3. We’re fairly convinced we’re going to have a girl, but not based on any feelings, just the fact that E is scared to death of girl babies.
    As for the April 1st date, it’s also the wedding anniversary of my brother-in-law and his wife. What a day to pick, huh?

  7. Meg says:

    Yay! And the RH- thing is pretty common, so you as long as you know, and get the shots, I think you’re good to go. My sons are ten days apart (23 months and ten days) and they are also Christmas bookends. So, when they are older, no one will want to come to their birthday parties. And I wanted my daughter to come on my birthday. It was a little before my due date, but I’d gone earlier than due date with the other two, and she was the third, so I thought there was a chance. But then, she ended up coming late.

    But it’s only a really small percentage that actually give birth on their due date, so you’ll likely not end up with an April Fool’s baby.

  8. sarrible says:

    April 1 is Roommate’s birthday. It has served her well.

  9. SarahMC says:

    I’m relieved that the 120 lbs. thing was a joke. I was starting to feel bad about myself.

    My cousins (they’re siblings) are exactly four years apart; they share a birthday on July 15. And my friend and her sister are exactly three years apart! Weird, huh?

  10. FF says:

    Yay for bebeh pictures!

    And don’t feel bad, I don’t know my blood type either. Also, I’m applying for a job at CofC, so keep your fingers crossed and let me know if you have any connections in the PR staff.

  11. BoSoxBaby says:

    You’re making me hungry with all this talk about hotdogs and hamburgers, but I’m PMSing in the hugest way.

    I’m an Aries as well, April 9th. And, O-negative.

    Love the ultrasound pic. Congrats!!!

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