Tree Climbing, Rock Throwing, And Other Real Life Talents

This is a sponsored post on behalf of OshKosh B’Gosh and Kohl’s, but it’s mostly just pictures of my kids.

I’m going to whisper, because I don’t want to jinx anything, but I think the horrible, hot, humid part of the summer is over. It’s still warm enough to spend the day outside, but not so hot my hair never dries between cold showers. And our non-air conditioned house feels like a comfortable place to take a nap instead of a sweat lodge. We all smell better now, too.



If the cooler weather wasn’t enough, I finally got Caroline registered for preschool (last spot!) AND I got a call from Evan’s pre-K teacher yesterday, confirming he is in fact going to real school and not an empty brick building with a torn out playground (which is what it was a few weeks ago). I also got the good news that he doesn’t need any school supplies, which means after I ordered his uniforms and picked up some fall play clothes for both kids at Kohl’s I am – wait for it – DONE school shopping.

Checking that off the to-do list means we have more time to explore and adventure. We call it “doing fun stuff” as in “Mommy, can we do fun stuff today?”

Why yes, yes we can.



oshkosh-9 oshkosh collage 5 oshkosh-17

oshkosh-20 oshkosh collage 1 oshkosh-23


We love our adventure days. There’s nothing better than getting to learn about my kids’ many special talents, which include being adorable, funny faces, finding shells, throwing rocks, running, jumping, and making me smile so hard my face hurts.

I also let Evan try my camera while we were at the beach park and he was beyond excited. It made me happy to think my love of photography might be rubbing off on him a little – although since all he managed to capture was out of focus pictures of rocks and my feet I don’t know if I’d call it a “talent” quite yet. But I’m a mom, so in my eyes they were brilliant. Ansel Adams, Imma let you finish, but my kid took some of the best pictures of rocks this millennium.


oshkosh-31 oshkosh collage 2 oshkosh-32






I’m worried we don’t have many more of those adorable hand-holding sunset portraits left before my little gingers (Are they twins??) become true individuals. They’ll be at different schools next year, with different schedules, and in different extracurricular activities. Maybe they’ll discover different talents – Caroline’s is definitely going to be in the verbal category while Evan is a master of physical skills – but I know they’ll support and love each other. That’s what our adventure days are supposed to do; build the bonds that will last them a lifetime.




oshkosh-48 oshkosh collage 4 oshkosh-51




Evan and Caroline’s adorable, durable, washable clothes above are all OshKosh B’Gosh. I’ve mentioned before that both kids wore my own OshKosh overalls, I ordered a great pair for Evan’s birthday and I’m a huge fan of the outlet down in Clinton. I had no idea I could buy them at Kohl’s, both in person and online, but now that I do you can bet they’re going to be this well dressed all the time.

You can find the link for OshKosh at Kohl’s here, or check out your local store. They’re having a kid’s clothes sale now through August 22nd and the baby sale is September 8th through September 22nd. If they made sweatshirts in my size, I’d buy them for myself.

I received a gift card to purchase clothes for my kids, but this post is 100% my own editorial content. Thank you so much to OshKosh B’Gosh & Kohl’s for the opportunity! #OshKoshAtKohls


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  1. I haven’t been able to come by as often these days (trying to fix that) but I am happy to see that you still have the cutest kids on the internets :)

  2. Barbra says:

    I love OshKosh clothes. They are kinda spendy to buy new, but are worth it for Knox because they just fit him so much better than most other brands of clothes. Target has a less expensive version of OshKosh, but they aren’t the same sizes or quality in my experience. I had no idea that Kohl’s sold OshKosh, I will definitely have to check that out. We don’t have outlets anywhere near us and the only other place I know of in my town that sells OshKosh is Nordstrom and Burlington Coat Factory. Thanks for the heads up.

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