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My Week(341) in iPhone Photos

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

There is an awful lot of my face in this week’s pictures, because it turns out when I am without my children I have a lot more time to put on make-up, do my hair, generally relax and enjoy myself. I also took a LOT of photos of things I ate, because food made my someone else is very exciting for moms.


I went to the spa for a facial like I’m some sort of fancy celebrity

And then I went to lunch with these weirdos

This is one of my favorite views



Watching Animaniacs “for the kids”

Me: Don’t shine that in my eyes. Linc: OK *shines it in his eyes*


Mocha mint whatever. It’s delicious.

Not real life: Kia arrives to take me to dinner because I’m in the right place at the right time.

I ate/drank like 75% of the things in this photo all by myself


Palm trees…swimming pools…

Not real life: when Olive Garden leaves you wine and glasses in your room

My only photo of my insane rainbow caftan. It was PERFECT.


I’m wearing a romper in this photo. Tiffany looks like a model and I’m basically a toddler.

I have known Kim on the internet since before I even HAD a blog.

Not real life: Hair stylists and champagne


I’m not stealing all the cheese I’m just taking a picture. And then stealing all the cheese.

Fancy hair again

They’re going to kill me for posting this photo


Diet coke for breakfast, as it should be

Blue skies

Exhausted sweaty face IN FIRST CLASS

I had such a good time at Mom 2.0 in Florida. Because this isn’t 2011 I won’t write a whole recap post, but I will say Mom 2 is still my favorite conference where I feel like I meet the best people and always feel like I belong. The scary “omg she’s so famous”-ness I felt at other conferences just didn’t exist. I don’t know if I’ll make it to 2018 in California but if I don’t I will spend that week crying under the covers because I miss my people so much.

The good news is now we are officially LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY from our family Disney trip and I can freak out in earnest. I’ll have everyone 100% packed by next week. The kids are going to be like “Mom, why can’t I find any underwear or shorts?”

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My Week(214) in iPhone Photos

My Week(302) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, August 14th, 2016

I actually just don’t want to talk about this week. I’ll write a post later, but for now I’m pretty done.



He did this for like 20 minutes


Happy Anniversary Dinner


Very happy cat-dog



Seaport camp!


I’m not sure I should trust this obstetrician. Did you even go to medical school?


So blonde



There was a LOT of sleeping this week


The penguin exhibit has air conditioning


I promise that is a happy smile



That face is because there are a LOT of Pokemon at the Seaport


He’s going to miss the cat-dog


Baby photo session editing



On a boat


Only cats sit on the back of the couch like that


Destroying my room, but at least there’s AC up here



RIP minivan


Very excited about lemonade


Evan is now at the age where he does this in pictures. Horray.



Lounging before piano lessons


10:30 am, 85 degrees in the shade


Car shopping with three kids is the worst

I am 38 weeks pregnant and very, very miserable. I would like to just nap and/or float for the rest of the summer, but these kids keep insisting they need “food” and “clean clothes” and other nonsense. At least all our summer activities are done so we don’t actually HAVE to be anywhere and I can just take them to the lake and feed them bagels.

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My Week(191) in iPhone Photos
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