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My Week(262) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

Alternate title: The first week after the time change so all my photos are dark and blurry because I haven’t gotten used to the sun setting at 4:30. I’m going to schedule a nice, colorful, sunny photo post to go up tomorrow morning because this is too depressing to leave at the top of the blog for long.



They both love this




Putting the kids to work making a pie they refused to eat



Toddlers on the loose


Riding the dog like a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment!


Stupid time change



Why look at fish when you can hang out in the aquarium reading area?


$3 worth of dead fish make the stingrays way more fun


The force is strong with this one



He’s plotting how to knock the largest number of things off the shelves


While the sun is up the weather is GORGEOUS


Poor ear infection girl



Matching leggings 4 life


MUCH needed nap time


Super ambitious sewing plans (so far so good)



Wearing two babies instead of one


Suspicious baby is suspicious


Sleeping like he’s posed for a newborn photo





Bacon crackers. So simple. so delicious.


Playing cards is my favorite

I was really confused when I realized today is November 8th, which means November is 1/4th over already. HOW is that POSSIBLE? As ready as I am for Christmas decorating, I’m not actually ready for Christmas. I still have to plan Thanksgiving and Caroline’s birthday, schedule our family pictures, order Christmas cards, and buy all the presents. Plus E has a bunch of travel for work, which means I’ll be doing it alone. At least that means I can have cereal for dinner along with the kids.

My Week(104) in iPhone Photos

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

We’re battening down the hatches for the tropical storm/hurricane/once in a lifetime Frankenstorm disaster that’s headed our way, but right now I’m too hopped up on the Halloween candy I broke into early to feel too worried. That’s probably a mistake, but let’s just enjoy some pictures.


Birthday party sugar hangovers makes for grumpy children.

Last time we visited, Caroline HATED this dog. Now? BFFs.

My children are attractive.


The dog is judging me. Dogs don’t understand Mondays.

That’s what you get for judging me, DOG.

Mad sewing skillz.


Shopping with Caroline has become…challenging.

Someone talk me out of buying this.

Out of control baby mullet


Chillaxin’ – she’s an expert

That doesn’t look like gymnastics.

Puppy love


Working out is WAY easier when this is your view




If I wear a backpack I get to go to school too, right Mom?

Trying to figure out how to change NPR to The Fresh Beat Band.

Wild Things at Mystic Seaport


Caroline has recently become obsessed with Brutus’s…uh…undercarriage.

Thousands of books inside the library…and they’re staring at the empty train tracks that run behind it.

Emergency storm rations

Tomorrow we have a zillion things to do between 9 am and 4 pm (which is basically all the daylight hours) and then I’ll be collecting candles and flashlights JUST IN CASE we lost power. As you can see from my last photo, we definitely won’t starve to death – although we might all gain 5 lbs from junk food. I’m just REALLY hoping it all blows over before Halloween night, since this will be our first year actually trick-or-treating.

Do you have camera/iPhone photos from your week? Link up below and grab the code for your site too!

Stuff I Saw On The Internet And Actually Tried With My Own Hands

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

My computer is working, for now. But strangely enough, without a screen to stare at all day I was actually productive. I sewed not one, but TWO separate articles of clothing for Caroline – one of which I’ve had bookmarked since before she was even born. All that productivity gave me a raging migraine though (or maybe it was detoxing from a weekend full of cupcakes) so today I’m just going to bask in the glory of yesterday’s projects.

First, I hung up this play thet I made for the kids and it’s their new favorite hide out:

easy no sew play tent

I got the idea here, the embroidery hoop at Joann’s and 4 packs of sheer curtains from Target.

Then I sewed this out of some fabric I bought for $2 a yard:

pillowcase dress

The tutorial is from my friend Jill at Baby Rabies and even though it’s really simple I suspect I messed up the finishing around the armholes.

pillowcase dress

Caroline was too busy eating cheese to notice it wasn’t perfect though, and I am too in love with the print to care.

And finally, I whipped up a little circle skirt:

circle skirt

I used Chelsey’s tutorial here (with inspiration by Dana Made It). This was my least successful sewing project, but only because I misjudged Caroline’s waist measurement. I swear I measured it at least 4 times but forgot that even though her BELLY is 20 inches around, she wears her clothes lower, where she’s only 18 inches around. Throw in my last-minute modification to hide the elastic instead of having it exposed and this skirt is definitely too big. Eh, nothing a safety pin can’t fix now and it will fit for a long time to come.

It turns out I’m NOT terrible with my sewing machine if I practice often enough. My new plan is to sew something at least once a month so I don’t lose the little skill I’ve gained. FABRIC STORE, HERE I COME.

My Sewing Machine Is Trying To Kill Me

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

I decided Caroline should be Tinkerbell for Halloween because, hello, the child practically IS a magical pixie.

caroline pixie fairy wings

Shut up.

And in typical Suzanne-fashion I also decided I should MAKE her a Tinkerbell costume. Because this one with the light up wings from the Disney store is too gaudy (it’s not) and this one in the baby-size isn’t pretty enough (it is) and this one is too yellow and the wings on this one aren’t cute enough and GOSH, if I’m going to end up spending $30 on a costume I might as well just sew it myself! That will be cheaper, easier AND cuter! I’ll just check Pinterest for a pattern.

Go ahead and punch me in the face now, since anyone with half a brain can tell you “I’ll just do that thing I saw on Pinterest” NEVER ENDS WELL.

I started with this pattern from Make It Love It and…improvised. I might rock a party or a bake sale or a set of knitting needles but I am TERRIFIED of my sewing machine. Luckily, I’ve never let being terrible at something stop me from trying again. I’m slightly oblivious and stupid that way.

So instead of writing the blog post I was planning to write yesterday or working on the sponsored post I have due Wednesday or making a healthy family dinner for my kids or doing the breakfast dishes or any of the other things that actually need to get done I dragged Evan and Caroline to the craft store where I spent $65 on supplies and then wasted 4 hours attempting to sewing a green leotard I probably could have ordered from China for $12.

Well, that’s not strictly true. I spent like $40 on fabric (it was on sale!) and $15 on the CUTEST Tinkerbell-green wings and headband and wand they were selling in the pre-made costume section and another $10 on random craft supplies because that’s what happens when you go to Joann’s with a bunch of coupons.

The good news is Caroline is SUPER excited about her costume. I had her try on Attempt #2 and she refused to take it off. After I put the kids to bed I got Attempt #3 sewed and hemmed (note to self: YOU ARE TERRIBLE AT SEWING. Next time pick something easier to work with that lycra) and the ruffled sleeves done. Then my machine started jamming and I almost went blind with rage so I’m giving myself a break before I attempt the 3 layer petal skirt. Maybe I’ll make the sparkly green tutu tonight (at least I know the tutu doesn’t involve any sewing!!) and try the skirt again tomorrow.

Second-worst case scenario is I throw the whole mess in a box and mail it to my mom to fix. Truly worst-case scenario is I throw the whole thing in the trash and just order that dress from the Disney Store. Although those shoes are super cute.



Caroline tinkerbell halloween costume

Holiday Handmade Sekret Exchange!

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

I signed up for Audrey’s handmade exchange with some misgivings – not because I didn’t think I would get a wonderful gift, but because between Caroline’s party and Christmas I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make anything even REMOTELY worth sending to another crafty person. I managed to get something in the mail (although I STILL haven’t sent my recipient my guest post) but the really pleasant surprise was a beautiful pouch and delicious macaroons from MY secrket gifter. Check out her guest post below!


Hello!  I am Kelley.  My blog is Casa Crafty where I write about my many crafting experiments, my family and day to day life.

This year, I thought it would be fun to participate in the Handmade Sekret Holiday Exchange from Audrey at Planet Hausfrau.

I did have fun! Although, it is difficult to make something for a stranger, so I searched and read and combed through this here blog to get as much insight into Suzanne as I could.

Sekret Exchange2 (1 of 1) 
I ended up making her a clutch from laminate.  That is not a
particularly new thing for me to do, I sell bags and laminate in my etsy shop .  But, I
thought it might be of more use to her.  So to make it a little
more interesting I did this cross stitch “s” on a wooden
pendant.  I glued some stamped leather on the back (which I am
not so proud of, so it isn’t pictured…) and put it on a key fob.I didn’t take too many pictures of this process because there are so
many great tutorials out

handbag tutorials


I also made a cookie that I have NEVER tried before.
Macaroons with Citrus Cream Frosting
making macaroons1 (1 of 1)


making macaroons4 (1 of 1)

making macaroons2 (1 of 1)

I got the recipe through Creature
, a favorite blog, and decided to do it…They didn’t arrive as prettily as they left here, but what can you
do?  At least they were still edible and yummy.They are time consuming, but not difficult.

They are very intense.

making macaroons3 (1 of 1)
I am glad that everything arrived Suzanne, and I hope you enjoy!
Thank you to Audrey for putting this all together!