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I’m going to write it off as a business expense

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Since I discovered the world of blogging was a lot bigger than me, Heather Armstrong and an internet friend I met in the comments section of Jezebel, I’ve begun reading and following a lot of people’s ramblings about their daily lives on the internet. There must be something about blogging that attracts really smart, funny people because I fall in love with new sites every day and my Google Reader has started begging me to please just read the ones I’ve already subscribed to before adding any more because it is full and tired and it’s feet hurt. Jeez, Google Reader, what are you? Pregnant? It would serve me right, since EVERYONE ELSE on the internet is up the stick.

One of the things that gets me every time when I find a new blog is how nice everyone else in the whole world’s pictures are. I feel like the only idiot left on the internet using a (fairly expensive but obviously useless) point-and-shoot camera instead of a fancy DSLR. My blurry, dark photos of the baby climbing over the dog pale in comparison to, say, The Pioneer Woman’s photos of cows grazing or Emily’s photos of her daughter Poppy doing, well, anything. If only I could capture the true essence and beauty of that moment when Baby Evan is perfectly balanced right across Brutus’ spine, the delicate way he smiles, the joy he finds in reaching out and grabbing the poor long suffering dog’s doggy business and yanks. That would be art, my friend. In my head, my terrible photos are the ONLY reason my blog is not incredibly popular, I am not incredibly famous, and no one ever stops me on the street to tell me how gorgeous my hair looks. BAD PHOTOS ARE RUINING MY LIFE.

So I bought a DSLR. A Nikon D90 DX 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED AF-S VR DX Nikkor Zoom Lens to be exact. The first one E ordered turned out to be the European version which a) came with no warranty and b) came with an EU plug and was therefore useless here in Connecticut. We sent it back and filed the $33 shipping charge under “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” But thanks to good old Amazon (and a child credit on our 2009 tax return WHAT WHAT) my new new camera arrived today.

Now if I only knew how to use it, I’d be taking some really fantastic photos.

My Newest Baby

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

When I first found out I was pregnant I immediately went into list-making mode, creating Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, scribbles on the back of receipts, filling notebooks and day planners full of things to buy, things to do, things to attend. I searched Amazon for other people’s lists of baby gear must-haves. I read dozens of reviews and mommy blogs to find the BEST bouncy seat and the BEST swing and the BEST crib mattress and crossed stuff off my lists as I went.

But nowhere in the great interwebs or the parenting magazines or the advice books did anyone say this:


Now, I realize some of you are going to curse me soundly for complaining about my old washer when you still have to haul all your clothes down to your building’s shared basement laundry – or worse, to the laundromat blocks away. Let me just say, I’ve been there too. But having My Very Own In-House Laundry was absolutely #1 on my list of Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant, followed by Have A Really Embarrassing Vegas Story and Drink A Beverage That Was Previously On Fire, so I feel like maybe I should have been more specific. Maybe my list should have said My Very Own Washing Machine That Actually, You Know, Launders, Spins and Doesn’t Leak Water All Over My Floor.

We bought the old washer four years ago when we suddenly found ourselves renting a house with hook-ups and the nearest laundromat twenty miles away. We paid $35 at a yard sale. I think we’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth out of that purchase, even including the $30 E spent replacing the water pump a couple months ago when we first considered buying a whole new machine. But there were so many other things to spend money on, cute things with teddy bears or little sailboats or smiling monkeys on them, why throw out something that was still working?

On Sunday, the machine stopped draining, and yet somehow still managed to leak a couple inches of water into the tray we had very wisely placed underneath. I decided it was time to send my $35 washer off to the Big Appliance Shop in the Sky. A quick trip to Bernie’s and one medium sized dent in our savings account later, the new machine was on it’s way. They delivered it Tuesday morning (and took the old one away, thank God). And now…WOW. Never in my life have I been this excited to do laundry. I washed every dirty article of clothing, bedding, towel and pillow in the house. And everything is so CLEAN. CLEAN AND NOT SMELLY! Not only is the machine (a GE Profile, for the record) super energy efficient (estimated yearly operating cost: $22), the dryer takes half as long as it used to now that the clothes go in with most of the water already spun out. And did I mention the CLEANING? Tuesday morning there was a really terrible stealth poopsplosion that resulted in yellow baby crap smeared across several articles of clothing and what I thought was a permanent stain on the changing pad cover. But my new washer was all “I GOT THIS” and the poop is GONE. It never occurred to me that the old washer was such a piece of crap it was actually failing to clean stuff and a new machine would improve my life this much. I feel like I’ve just discovered cheese or chocolate or yoga pants. Other magic features: a digital time remaining display, two presoak settings, and no agitator post in the middle – which means I can fit a whole comforter in the drum. Do you understand now why I’ve written an entire post about a washing machine?!

Now if only I could get E to agree to buy the matching dryer too…