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Goodbye, Irene

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Hurricane Irene blew through Connecticut on Sunday:

Back patio at 8 am. For the record, we piled all the outdoor furniture over in that corner - the hurricane did not manage to stack our chairs quite so neatly.

This is a game called "Ew, you're stinky!" in which I get a whiff of the toddler's diaper and shout "Ew, you're stinky!" while poking him and making him laugh hysterically. We played for 45 MINUTES.

Rednecks. I'll forgive them since it was REALLY hot in the house with all the windows closed.

Fascinated by the storm

Biggest branch that came down. Luckily it came down on a bush and not through my window.

Skeptical baby thinks we are all fools for going outside.

We didn’t end up with much more than some broken branches and broken patio lights (we forgot to take them down) but being cooped up inside all day might have made us a little stir-crazy. As you can clearly see in the most embarrassing video of myself I will ever post on the internet.

The fact that Little Evan “played” dinosaur with me might be my best parenting moment to date so far.

My Week(43) in iPhone Photos

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

It’s amazing how even a really challenging week looks so nice in iPhone photos. Do not be fooled by these posts.


Before I had kids, I never thought going to the grocery store alone would be considered a good time.

This is what went into that galette I made

Daddy's idea of playing with the baby


Playground after Stroller Strides

LARGE iced Dunkin' Dark with skim milk and 3 Splenda

I think we need a bigger toy box. Or FEWER TOYS.


Hi hi hi hi hi hi! Watcha doin????

Battle wounds from an asphalt vs. face fight. Poor baby.

He looks pretty happy for someone getting Taco Bell for dinner.


I may have overreacted to it being just SLIGHTLY chilly that morning

Flowers & stripes

I ended up buying this outfit, mostly because the kids started SCREAMING and I felt guilty about making such a spectacle and leaving empty handed.

E had hockey so I had my own private knit night at home instead of going to the shop. Much less fun.


Thank God for baby gates. HAHA YOU CAN'T TOUCH ME NOW.

Lockup has turned her into a hardened criminal. Obviously.

Fiona Baby Sundress (pattern from Ravely)


Ready to go to Stroller Strides

Presents in the mail. People like me!

Nursing the baby now comes with a risk of being kicked in the face

Bread aisle at Target. I guess people are taking this hurricane thing seriously.


Laughing cow wedges on toast

Back off woman, I'm just trying to watch WonderPets!

Concerned dog looks concerned, but our fronch porch has been cleared and we're ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

So there isn’t much going on this weekend, besides waiting to see if Irene hits us. We’re directly in the path but our house is in an area safe from flooding and they aren’t talking about evacuating for any other reason. I’m a teeny tiny bit worried about our big tree falling down – apparently there used to be a matching tree on the other side of the house. It fell down during the LAST hurricane – but there’s nothing I can do to prevent high winds so I’m trying to use my energy on more important things, like taking a nap and baking cookies. I hope all my East Coast friends stay safe – and the rest of you enjoy the nice weather our hurricane is giving you!

Did you take any camera phone photos this week? Link up with one or lots using the linky below and grab the code (so it shows on your blog too!) over at Amy’s . It’s really fun!