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Santa Might Be Late. Or Really Early.

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

E has to work on Christmas this year. I realize in the scheme of Ways The Military Can Screw Up Your Holidays having to work on Christmas Day is pretty minor, but it’s the first time this has happened since having kids. (Funny enough, neither of us can remember if it happened BEFORE kids – Maybe once? I know it happened the very first year we were dating but we weren’t spending the holidays together then.)

I’m really glad he’s not deployed. I’m glad it’s only a 24 hour watch. I’m glad we have some family visiting so our day can still be special. But I’m a little stumped on what to do about Santa.

The way our day(s) would go if E didn’t have work is: Christmas Eve service at our church, open one present before bed, wake up at 7 am, open our stockings, open our gifts, make pancakes, eat way too much chocolate, have some sort of Christmasy dinner, get really bored and whiny, fight over new toys, put on fresh jammies (since we’re probably still wearing the ones we woke up in), go to bed.

This year we have three options.

1. Santa comes early. One of us sneaks all the gifts out and fill the stockings while the other loads the kids into the car for church and we open everything before bed on Christmas Eve. The major problem with this plan is getting the kids to GO to bed. They are sooooo tired in the evenings now that they don’t nap and I’d expect at least a couple meltdowns during the gift-opening, followed by major over-tired hyper energy boosts that keep them up until 11 pm. But in the morning they’ll have all the new presents to play with and we can still have pancakes.

2. Santa comes late. The kids can’t read a calendar, they don’t know what day it is. So we go to Christmas Eve service, put them to bed, and when they wake up it’s just a fun Play With Grandma and Grandpa day. I put out the gifts after they go to bed and we have normal Christmas on the 26th. I’ll let the kids open their stockings while we wait for E to get home and then he jumps right in to presents. We can all spend the whole day together, complete with pancakes and Christmas dinner. But on the 25th of December we won’t celebrate anything and I’m not entirely sure that won’t bum me out.

3. Early morning Christmas. E doesn’t actually have to be at work until 9 am (AT work, which means he has to leave here around 8 am) so we could potentially get all the major Christmas activities done before he goes in. We can wake the kids up at 6 am for stockings and presents (if they aren’t already up from excitement). Then the kids can play with their bazillion new toys all day, we can have something casual for lunch, and they can go to bed at the regular time. ALSO maybe possibly after they go to bed I can sneak off to see Les Mis alone, so I can sob my eyes out without judgment. We can do a Christmas ham and all the side dishes on the 26th if I work up enough energy, but I wouldn’t mind terribly if we skipped it for some pizza. The down side is the rush to get everything over with before E goes in to work – do we want to make it a race to open everything as fast as possible?

I realize this is an insanely first world problem – “Oh noes! My kids are getting SO MUCH stuff for Christmas we need HOURS to open it all! We might not get pancakes together! So tragic!” – but I’m trying to figure out how keep Magical Christmas magical for the ginger bebehs.

What would you do for your family? Option 1, option 2 or options 3?

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Twas The Mouse That Saved Christmas {Giveaway}

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

We have a new Christmas tradition in our house. It involves reading an adorable book about a plucky little mouse. It also involves Mommy barely making it through the last page without sobbing quietly into her children’s heads. Because, magic. And Christmas. And amazement. And magic.

twas the mouse that saved christmas

twas the mouse that saved christmas Twas The Mouse That Saved Christmas is a personalized storybook from Marblespark. When you order a copy, you tell Marblespark your child’s name and they put it in the story in several places (on the cover, on Santa’s list, in the story itself). I thought Evan might be a little young to understand that the story is for him but he is AMAZED that HIS NAME is in a book. (Bonus side effect: he now recognizes his name in writing and can spell it out loud.)

twas the mouse that saved christmas

I wasn’t 100% sure I would love a personalized book (I remember ones from my own childhood that were very poorly done) but this one totally exceeded my expectations. The illustrations are cute and colorful and the whole story is written in rhyme – just like the original Twas The Night Before Christmas. Both Evan and Caroline request it every night at story time.

twas the mouse that saved christmas

We – E and I – are both happy to oblige. Reading about the joy and magic of Christmas to my two not-so-tiny babies in the glow of our Christmas tree is almost more than my mama heart can handle. The last page gets me almost every time, as soon as I read Santa’s letter to Evan reminding him being with those we love is the best part of the holidays. Excuse me, I have something in my eye again.

twas the mouse that saved christmas twas the mouse that saved christmas

twas the mouse that saved christmas

 Marblespark would like to send one of my readers a personalized copy of Twas The Mouse That Saved Christmas for their child. I’m told the last day to order to get the book for this Christmas is December 12th so I’ll pick a winner on Friday (contest will close Thursday night) just to be sure we make the cut off. That gives anyone who doesn’t win but still wants a copy plenty of time to get their own book ordered too.

Rafflecopter makes entering really easy. The comment question is: Who would you give the book to if you won? Your child? A niece or nephew? A grandchild?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Marblespark sent me a copy of this book personalized with Evan’s name so we could read and enjoy it. I was not compensated in any way or obligated to write about it if I didn’t genuinely love the book. All opinions and photos are my own.

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My Week(9) in iPhone Photos

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

I would apologize for the ridiculous number of Caroline pictures, but I’m not actually even a little bit sorry. And I know you don’t really mind either.


First real snow of the winter! It was miserable - really cold with a wicked wind. We hid in the house for days.

Milk drunk baby


Bebeh's first hair clip - sent by my internet friend Kim from Try It Mom!


Yes my 1 week old IS wear Juicy Couture. My mom bought it at TJMaxx. It's meant to be ironic.


Chair ON the couch. He's thinks he's the freaking king or something - no one may sit with their head higher than Little Evan or face the wrath of an angry toddler.

Working on arranging frames around my awesome Modern Bird piece. I don't think this layout works exactly right so they're not on the wall yet.


Hello Lover. My Christmas present to myself, thanks to a gift card from my uncle that covered most of the price. It is AMAZING.

Thumb print cookies I whipped up in practically SECONDS because the mixer is THAT AWESOME. I can't believe I've used the same crappy Hamilton Beach mixer since college and NO ONE told me how much it sucked.


Traditional New Year's dinner: chinese food, shared with E, Mom & my BFF Erin who came down to visit

Twitter & champagne - official celebration of mommy bloggers everywhere!

This is my view for at least 5 or 6 hours a day. I don't mind at all.


We started to de-Christmas the house, but got bored and left it like this. Hey, at least the fire hazard - I mean tree - is down and out by the curb.

There was a LOT of this on Saturday. It's hard on everyone because he doesn't have enough words to tell us WHY he's so upset and we don't have an extra set of ear drums for when he pops ours with THE SCREAMING.

To try and avoid THE SCREAMING we took Little Evan to the still snowy-but-temps-in-the-upper-40's park. It was a mild success. Until he fell off the fire truck and we tried to help him. Or when we told him he had to go home. Sigh. Wasn't this not supposed to start until he was 2?

Link up below if you’ve got a weekly photo recap! These posts are really fun. And also easy, so if one of your resolutions is to update your blog more often it would be a great way to do that.

Get the code for your own linky from Amy here. And check out her adorable kid too.

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Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Wrap-Up Edition

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

The aftermath. As of this morning, it's all still there.

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My Week(8) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, December 26th, 2010


I had a baby. Probably the high point of the week, even though Christmas was awesome too.

Cuddly baby is cuddly, even (especially) at 5 am


Talked my way out of the hospital so we got to go HOME!


Maybe someone else in my house did some stuff but I just sat around and stared at the baby.


Oh hey, look, I have this other kid too!


The shirt, the face, the wine, the Snickers bar...he's a keeper. (Kidding! He's been pretty great)


Life is clearly getting back to normal.

We (all four of us!) went to lunch at a local pub with friends. It went amazingly well.

Even the children's Christmas Eve service was too long for toddlers - I think he made it through 1 song before E took him to run around in the chapel.


Baby's First Christmas!

Reindeer toes

I think maybe ever toddler I know got this laptop for Christmas. It is a BIG hit around here.

Another big hit? The Modern Bird piece I ordered for E. It is even better in person.

Reading new books with MorMor. It was a super fun day!

Link up below & grab the code over at A Good Life if you want to share your week in photos too!

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