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My Week(321) in iPhone Photos

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

I realized that although I managed to blog for real last week I forgot my iPhone post. This is the week before Christmas.


The American Girl Store: where tiny pianos are a necessity

Caroline + Kit

Then Kit came to Target and insisted on a nutcracker


Good morning, Kylo.

Big boy haircut makes him look SO BIG

I might have a matching jams problem


Dad pro

Frozen puddles

More shopping with Caroline + Kit


3 am Christmas tree makes getting up with the baby not so bad

She’ll read to anyone who will hold still

The kids REALLY REALLY love filters


Who doesn’t want to go to Target 3 days before Christmas?

That explains why that drawer is broken (and also why our furniture is bolted to the wall)

Bumpa is Linc’s hero


BabyGuy Box swag!

Watching our favorite Christmas movie



Mormor needed a photo in the shirts she bought

Wrapper’s delight

Christmas angel

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My Week(200!!) in iPhone Photos

Monday, September 1st, 2014

200 WEEKS of mostly terrible, blurry, boring photos of the normal stuff we do every day. I have no idea why I’ve kept this up for so long but I’m glad I have. The first week I did it, I was pregnant with Caroline. This week, she went to her first day of real school. Never has 200 weeks seemed so short.



Grocery shopping with 3 kids is a pain, but a baby who sleeps the whole time makes it better


This haircut cost me $37 – $17 for cut + tip, $20 for the Legos I promised him if he just SAT STILL


“This chair is like my THRONE!”



Making zucchini bread in our pajamas


That Lego set was totally worth the $20


He sleeps with his eyes open. NOT CREEPY AT ALL.



“Mommy, I love love LOVE Baby Lincoln!”


Showing off his kindergarten cubby at orientation


No one wants to hold my hand when Daddy makes an appearance.



All summer long the kids have been up at 6 am. I took this at 7:10 on Evan’s first day of school.


It’s such a shame she’s so shy and quiet.


Linc agrees that school starting is very exciting.



Obviously they’ve got the moves


I think her first day was fun?


Entertaining ourselves with shadows while we wait (FOREVERRRRRR) for Evan’s bus



I really hope she comes out of her shell at school.


Showing off his brother to his best friend


Farmer’s Market night gets an A+++++ for food and friends



I spent most of the morning like this. It was lovely.


They’ve never met a big, flat field they didn’t want to run across


My photography assistant fell asleep on the job. Again.

And there you go, 21 more unremarkable pictures of our life. The only thing that’s going to change in the near future is I’m going to upgrade my iPhone, so maybe my pictures will get slightly better. Although not more interesting. We’re pretty boring, and I’m OK with that.

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Wordless Wednesday: It Only Took 2 Days And 3 Potato Chips To Finish His First At Home Haircut Edition

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

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Wordless Wednesday: First Haircut Edition

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

(I apologize for the words, I just couldn’t stop myself. Also for the ridiculous number of photos. Again, unavoidable.)


OK, I GUESS he needed a haircut.


Holding still like a big boy!

Family photo!

The reflection is the best part

He got a little antsy at the end so I held him. E did not take any pictures of that.


The new hair make him look so serious!

Pretending to be a little kid (For the record, he's never used a paci. He was joking.)

THERE'S my baby. Next haircut on his 4th birthday.

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