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Lake of the Woods 2016

Monday, July 25th, 2016

I promise to have Linc birthday party pics up soon, but these are a) done and b) on a drive that hasn’t yet overheated so I still have access. Plus I like documenting our annual things the best, since I can go back and look at last year vs this year. (I took way more pictures last year, because I was way less hugely pregnant.)

lake of the woods 2016

lake of the woods 2016-2

lake of the woods 2016-3

lake of the woods 2016-4

lake of the woods 2016-6

lake of the woods 2016-7

lake of the woods 2016-10

lake of the woods 2016-11

lake of the woods 2016-12

lake of the woods 2016-14

lake of the woods 2016-15

lake of the woods 2016-16

lake of the woods 2016-17

lake of the woods 2016-18

lake of the woods 2016-20

lake of the woods 2016-22

lake of the woods 2016-24

lake of the woods 2016-25

lake of the woods 2016-26

lake of the woods 2016-27

lake of the woods 2016-28

lake of the woods 2016-29

lake of the woods 2016-30

lake of the woods 2016-31

lake of the woods 2016-32

lake of the woods 2016-33

My Week(299) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, July 24th, 2016

It’s only Sunday and I’m getting this done! Because it is too hot to do anything besides sit very still!



That looks safe


Middle of nowhere


Apparently, some of my relatives are buried at this obscure graveyard in Ohio (that’s my maiden name)



Waking up at the lake means 8 am swim call


Books books books


Future captain



The lake has a menu


My baby is on that tube


Chips are very exciting



Everyone loves the swim platform


I guess that’s fair


He likes the boat a lot more than this face implies



Tired, hot, filthy children are finally home


That “mild” sunburn hurts A LOT more than it looks


I taught them how to send FB messages



Back at our own lake


Recital in two weeks!


Catching Pokemon from our front porch



Caroline the Bond Villian


Camp food!


The birthday boy was not in the mood for pictures

All the kids had a great time at Linc’s party and no one died of heat stroke. This week is going to be busy with making up appointments and commitments we rescheduled when we went out of town, plus it’s my last busy week of photo sessions before I start telling people I’m too pregnant. I mean, I’m ALREADY too pregnant, but I still like working. I’m going to “take it easy” from now until the end of August (which will more likely be the middle of September, since I always have boy babies late). It will be easier to take it easy once it is not 95 degrees every day. When can someone work on that?

Chowder Days at Mystic Seaport – 2013

Friday, November 15th, 2013

This should really be another installment of Pictures I Forgot About but I have words to say about Chowder Days. I LOVE CHOWDER DAYS. It’s one of the few things we’ve actually managed to do as a family for several years in a row now, so I’m calling it an official tradition. The weather this year was amazing and Caroline magically got over her fear of boats so we got to ride the water taxi and I got to take some pictures. It was surprisingly un-crowded for an event – not at all like the one time we tried to go to the wooden boat show and couldn’t find parking within 2 miles – so the kids could run around and try the old fashioned games and play on the boats. There was a minor meltdown involving whether or not Evan was going to participate in pumpkin painting, but he got over it pretty fast and made a “sea monster” gourd. It’s still sitting on my window sill.

seaport chowder days 2013

Apple fritters

seaport chowder days 2013-2

Spicy crab and corn chowder. It was delicious. E had the lobster bisque, which is the only kind of soup he likes.

seaport chowder days 2013-3

Shipyard beer at the shipyard!

seaport chowder days 2013-4

seaport chowder days 2013-5

seaport chowder days 2013-6

These things crack me up.

seaport chowder days 2013-7

seaport chowder days 2013-14

I bought that dress at the consignment store in Mystic – it was $12, which was half price, which was probably 1/4 of the original price. It’s designer toddler-wear.

seaport chowder days 2013-15

seaport chowder days 2013-17

For a kid who is refusing to go into the building and participate in craft time he looks surprisingly cheerful.

seaport chowder days 2013-21

Change of heart, he DOES like painting!

seaport chowder days 2013-24

seaport chowder days 2013-25

seaport chowder days 2013-27

seaport chowder days 2013-30

The gingers attempt croquet on the great lawn

seaport chowder days 2013-31

I say old chap, nice swing!

seaport chowder days 2013-38

seaport chowder days 2013-41

seaport chowder days 2013-45

seaport chowder days 2013-48

seaport chowder days 2013-51

seaport chowder days 2013-54

seaport chowder days 2013-56

seaport chowder days 2013-60

seaport chowder days 2013-64

It’s been a full month since Chowder Days and these pictures are actually bumming me out. We’re well past the go-out-on-the-water-without-coats stage of fall and into the brown-brown-and-more-brown stage. I’m cold and I don’t like it.