I’ve been so cranky and miserable, E finally took pity on me and offered to switch sleeping situations – he stayed downstairs with the kid, I slept all night in the bed – despite the fact that he had work today. I think the last straw was this phone conversation:

E: Hi honey, I just got out of my meeting.
Me: So are you coming home?
E: No, it’s 4:00 pm and I have that softball game at 6:15 so I think I’ll just stay here.
Me: But that’s a really long time!
E: I know. Don’t worry though, I have internet here at work.
Me: Internet?! I don’t give a *** about you! I’m here all alone! Gaaaaaaaaa….CLICK.
E: Hello? Hello?

So at 9 pm last night I took two Tylenol PM* and slept for 8 hours straight. Well, not quite straight – I had to wake up in the middle to pump so my breasts didn’t explode. But I did it without getting out of bed or even turning on the lights so my brain didn’t even know I was awake. It was GLORIOUS. FANTASTIC. AMAZING. So totally refreshing, today I feel like I could take care of THREE babies. I love my husband dearly. For his part, E looked and felt awful this morning. He said it took 5 cups of coffee before he could even remember his name at work. But they let him come home early and a little nap on the couch has given him enough energy to play WoW all afternoon. Which I’m not going to complain about if it means he’ll take the night shift again sometime.

*You’d think I was tired enough that given the opportunity to sleep in a soft bed in a dark room I’d have no trouble crashing. But after 6 weeks of feedings every 2 hours I have a baby alarm clock in my head that goes “WHERE’S YOUR BABY? WHY AREN’T YOU FEEDING YOUR BABY? TERRIBLE MOTHER! BAD MOTHER! WHERE’S YOUR BABY????” every 90 minutes.

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  1. Brigid says:

    I sleep holding onto a pillow. Every time I wake up, I panic and think the pillow is a baby and I’ve smothered my baby, even though it’s very rare that I sleep with the baby in the bed with me. GO GO MOTHER BRAIN.

    Isn’t a full night of sleep awesome? Oh man. So awesome.

  2. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    Hooray for a full night of sleep!

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