Swing into Spring

I scheduled this post to go up today before I left last Saturday, so right now I am probably enjoying my last day at sea with a giant umbrella drink and a pretty impressive sunburn (I NEVER learn). Unless, God forbid, my ship sank or we all got that rotavirus thing or I was attacked by a vicious stingray in which case this is WILDLY inaccurate.

Why is it my kids drove me totally crazy all winter but in the week before vacation they were wonderful angels? Is it because they know it will make me miss them even more than I was going to already? Kids are jerks.

If you give a kid a camera remote...

He's facinated with the wind chimes

p.s. That shirt he is wearing is a 5T. FIVE. The last shirts I bought we 2T. What the hell happened?!

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2 Responses to “Swing into Spring”

  1. Shari says:

    Such adorable pictures. Love the expression on his face in the wind chimes one!

  2. Sarah-Anne says:

    he is so big & you are so little!

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