STTN Progress

(That’s Sleeping Through The Night for anyone who isn’t hip to the current parenting anagrams.)

(Anagrams isn’t the right word. Abbreviations? I know it’s not analogies. Acronyms! Definitely an acronym.)

(Did I really say “hip”?)

Sunday night – Bed at 7:30, Awake from 11:30 pm – 1:00 am, lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth (in our arms), 1 feeding
Monday night – For the life of me, I CANNOT REMEMBER Monday. See why I need to start getting some sleep?
Tuesday night – Bed at 8:30, Awake at 12:30, a little crying, rocked back to sleep, NO FEEDINGS!
Wednesday night -Bed at 7, Awake at 10:30, fussy, awake at 4:30, fussy, fed both times
Thursday night – Slept 6:45 pm – 6:15 am with one 2:30 am feeding.
Friday night – Asleep at 7:30 pm…and up at 6:30 am. NO FEEDINGS.

THAT’S RIGHT PEOPLE, HE MADE IT. Baby Evan went 11 hours without nursing and the world did not end. The sky did not fall. Monkeys did not fly out of my butt. Best of all, my boobs did not explode. He slept, well, like a baby all night with barely a peep to indicate he had woken up, rolled over and self-soothed himself back to sleep. I probably woke up more times that he did to look at the clock and think OMG 5 hours! OMG 6 hours! OMG 7 hours! And by total, sheer, inexplicable luck we did it without using CIO (cry it out, yet another acronym) (see, I remembered this time).

Now, I know that was just one night and the happy dance of joy I did all the way into the nursery this morning is probably premature. And if I had any sense at all I’d STOP WRITING ABOUT IT right now because I’m setting myself up for a post in a week written from the fetal position on the floor that starts “dear internets pls halp me i cant remember the last time i slept or took a shower send wine and housecleaner”. It’s totally my own fault for bragging. Mama Karma is a bitch. Yet I cannot help myself, especially since now my last few angry, bitter, I hate everything posts seem silly and totally exaggerated. It’s amazing how much brighter the world looks after 8 hours of sleep.

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4 Responses to “STTN Progress”

  1. bellegourmande says:

    Hooray for you! This is great news for prospective parents everywhere. And of course you wanted to post about it, I know that I for one have been curious as to how it’s been going. So thanks for the updates! In about a year from now when I have a baby that age, I know I’ll be re-reading all these posts for info and advice (and commiseration, probably!).

  2. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    Congrats – sleep is a good and NECESSARY thing!

  3. Anna (londonmum) says:

    I am so pleased for you! There may be the odd night where he still wakes up but sounds like things are on the right track. Don’t feel bad about the last posts, lack of sleep combined with the feeling you never get five minutes peace is a powerful combination. Would definitely follow the advice on your other post about letting your husband have the baby for at least a whole morning/afternoon. It will help him realise what really taking care of a baby involves and will give you a breather. I also think mums, especially breastfeeding ones, can fall into the trap that they are the only ones who can really take care of the baby. I found the odd afternoon off really helps everyone as my husband was actually nervous about doing the feeding and is now so much more used to it. Sometimes mens’ seeming reluctance to help is more through worry they don’t know what they are doing (and of course mums miraculously do!!). Just a thought.
    Talking it through always helps, I bottled a lot up then had a melt down one evening and my husband has helped out way more since.
    Keep us posted on your progress.

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