Steppin’ Out {4}

Wheeeee! Date Night! Pretty good way to turn 29, even if we didn’t manage to stay up late enough to celebrate my birthday’s arrival at midnight. Please enjoy checking out your reflecting in the shine off my face in this picture taken with a flash:

On E:
Sweater: American Eagle
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: No idea, and E’s answer is “I dunno, they’re SHOES”
Cologne: Aqua Di Gio, which, if you could smell it through my computer screen, would make you want to make out with him immediately.

On Me:
Dress: Charlotte Russe
Jeans: Old Navy
Heels: Nine West
Sweater: Walmart (yeah, I said it)
Rosette Necklace: Allora Handmade
Bag: Epiphanie camera bag – my birthday present!

I think the dress needed a belt, but it was so comfortable I couldn’t bring myself to care if it made me look sort of wide. Also, I am sort of wide. But it’s not like anyone cared what I was wearing – they were all too busy admiring my GORGEOUS new camera bag. SO GORGEOUS. And I don’t know if you can tell (and I doubt you spend enough time examining pictures of my head to notice) but I dyed my hair for the second time this month. The last color wasn’t blond enough but THIS color isn’t pale enough. I think my mistake is I keep picking shades labeled “natural extra light blond” or “natural pale yellow blond” or “natural sort of reddish blond even though the picture on the box is not at all red”. What I really want is a whiter blond, like a less dramatic Gwen Stefani, but I’m soooo scared of the boxes labeled “cool” or “ash”. I don’t know why. It’s not like I couldn’t just dye it again if I hate it – and it would probably be better to START with the most dramatic color so I don’t end up frying the crap out of it dying it every month.

It is amazing how much I both LOVE and HATE dying my hair.

Today I am rocking the dry shampoo AND the headband, along with worn-in jeans and a sweatshirt so I can go do a little child-free shopping in comfort. I might swing by Goodwill (the closest thing we have to a real thrift store) later and see if they’ve stocked anything worth rescuing so the next time I do a Steppin’ Out I can wear something “vintage”. I feel so left out with my retail store bought clothes.

I hope you had a fantastic Saturday too! For more Steppin’ Out fun, go check out the links at Harper’s Happenings!

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12 Responses to “Steppin’ Out {4}”

  1. You guys look adorable. I was thinking that your hair looked reddish before you mentioned the dye. I like it. Have you taken a mirror outside and looked at your hair? That can help figure out what color it is.
    And for what it’s worth, every time my mom used an ash blonde dye on her hair (and she really was a blonde) it turned slightly greenish. I would start with cool.

  2. Kelsey says:

    I LOVE the hair color. I noticed before I even started reading. Keep it!

  3. Jacki says:

    hahaha! the part about “examining pictures of your head enough to notice” cracked me up!

    Partly because I totally noticed first glance and partly because I am a lurker (but not a creepy one ;) ) and it is funny that finally I’d come out of lurkdom to tell you that I totally examine your head enough to notice BUT in a very natural way!! hahaha. creepy!

    HI!! I am Jacki and I have read every post
    since little Evan’s big Circus par-tay! …

    I love your steppin’ out posts :) and the color is cute. Def a little red tho. I have been contemplating grabbing a box dye for a week now. I need my hair done so bad and every time I make an appointment something comes up. I think I’ve been inspired!

    Happy Birthday girl :)

    • bebehblog says:

      Aw, then you’ve been lurking for a whole year! I kind of love that! Thank you so much for commenting so we can be friends now. Non-creepy friends.

  4. CollegeCamel says:

    You should check out Peacock Feathers in Mystic for vintage, it’s the cutest little thrift store and has actual awesome vintage things.

    • bebehblog says:

      Thank you for the tip! I will make an alone-date with myself to go check it out asap. Although if it’s popular with the Conn College folks I don’t know how much I’ll find. It is also doubtful anything ACTUALLY vintage will fit me.

      • bebehblog says:

        Also, Facebook tells me they went out of business in September. Soooo…still looking for a cute thrift store.

        • CollegeCamel says:

          Oh no! I haven’t really been there since it moved to Mystic from New London, so I wasn’t aware of this development!

          Further research tells me that the owner now has another vintage shop called Katz Meow in Pawcatuck, so I guess you could check there, though it is slightly further away.

  5. TMae says:

    I always go with ash shades when I dye mine. My teenage haircolor (you know, the one I try to emulate as a thirty-something adult) was more white than gold. And I thought that was ash. Anyway, never had a bad result. (The last one I tried was les blondissimes extra light ash blonde.)

    I also immediately thought, “I LOVE that purse!” I have a small addiction to bold aqua purses lately. It’s SUPER exciting that it’s a camera bag. Tho, I suspect hubs would laugh his ass off if I bought another bag. I love bags like I love strollers.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Anna says:

    What a gorgeous couple! I have a 2.5 month old and I need to start coloring my hair, and stop wearing my maternity sweats everywhere (when I do leave the house). I am both envious and amazed that you make it look so easy with 2 my dear! and I do like the red tones in your hair.

  7. torie says:

    You look great! I think the dress looks great as is. Happy Birthday!

  8. Suz B says:

    You look beautiful! LOVE the new bag! Happy birthday.

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