Someone can't count

Me: (wallowing around like a beached whale) Oh my goooooooooooooooood I am so pregnant!
E: Yeah, you’re kind of huge.
Me: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! At least it’s not for too much longer.
E: It’s not that soon, you still have four months.
Me: FOUR MONTHS?? Try 10 weeks.
E: Whatever, same thing.
Me: NO. Nononononono, 10 weeks is two and a half months. Not four. Two and a half.
E: I’m rounding.

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4 Responses to “Someone can't count”

  1. Mitch says:

    well, you’ve surely heard of sympathy weight…. and you’ve said that pregnancy messes with your brain..


    maybe this is sympathy stupid!!!!!

  2. lalaland13 says:

    Wait, and he’s a nuclear engineer?

  3. bebehblog says:

    Yes. RIGHT NOW he is currently in charge of making sure a nuclear core meltdown does not occur. Luckily this submarine isn’t armed yet, or you could add a few missiles to the equation.

  4. E says:

    JAN (1) MINUS(-) APRIL(4) = 3 MONTHS.
    Now granted end of Jan and the 1st of April don’t necessarily make 3 months, but……
    ROUND THAT!!!!!

    sympathy stupid :-D

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