My Week(94) in iPhone Photos

I’m not going to lie, things are not going great around here. We see E for less than an hour a day (which will happen every day for at least the next 36 days) but to see him at ALL means we have to skip our morning activities. Caroline has decided napping is for the birds, but so is going to bed before 8 pm (those last 2 hours in the evening are ROUGH). And Evan is still three, which means he recently learned the word “attitude” – literally, he now tells me all about his attitude – and I’m about ready to sell him to the circus. Our week felt a bit like Groundhog Day – the same things over and over and over – so I’m REALLY looking forward to the end of this coming week, when we head off to Long Island for an end of summer adventure.


Exhausted from a weekend with friends, THANK GOD.

HAHA JAY KAY MOM! I’m not exhausted I’m trying to give you a heart attack!

Hand washing device aka drinking fountain


Fish through a fish-eye lens are fun

Giant Oreo cupcake is no match for two toddlers

Then I almost killed myself trying to do C25K Week 5 with a stroller on a hilly path.



Filling out pre-k applications for NEXT year. Cross your fingers (it’s a lottery).

Dream big, little ginger


I asked her to put her jammies in the laundry basket. At least she followed directions?

That blur in the middle is Evan jumping off the tumble track all on his own for the very first time!

Not impressed with BJ’s


Oh no it’s a ghost! A friendly ghost – It goes “woooooo!” and tries to tickle you.

Evan is obsessed with his shadow. Time to watch Peter Pan, I think.

Those popsicles were a mistake.


So happy to be back at Stroller Strides!


I’m starting a diet challenge in 2 weeks. Guess I better order BOTH of these sandwiches NOW!


He says this is much more comfortable. Whatever.

Me: That’s you Caroline! The baby in the pictures is you! Caroline: *mind blown*

After ALL THIS she still refused to nap.

In case that last picture isn’t clear, it’s Caroline in MY BED with two dollies, two blankies, two stuffed mice, her water, her baby laptop, her sound/light machine AND Daddy’s iPad. She insisted I drag it all up to my room and then lay in bed talking to herself for 90 minutes (even after I turned off the iPad). It was a really long day. So now I’m going to bed – good thing I never took off my pajamas! – and hoping we can get out of the house tomorrow for something that takes a LOT of toddler energy.

I’m guessing since Amy had a baby (!!!!!!!) this week, the linky will be off for a while. But feel free to leave links to your iphone posts in my comments, I love looking at them!

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5 Responses to “My Week(94) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Raincheckmom says:

    “I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me, and what can be the use of him is more than I can see…” Robert Louis Stevenson

  2. Meagan says:

    I LOVE the 2nd to last picture. Cracked me up! So cute. :)

  3. Melissa says:

    LOVE that picture of caroline getting her mind blown! so cute!

  4. Emily says:

    I am SO impressed that you did the C25K with a double stroller. Thinking I need to up my game! (PS… are you doing the 21 Day Challenge in 2 weeks, or something else?)

  5. Kimberly says:

    We are going to WEAR THESE TODDLERS OUT this weekend! And probably ourselves too. Definitely. But it will be SO MUCH FUN.

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