My Week(31) in iPhone Photos




All our bricks sitting in the driveway

By the end of the week the toddler was doing stuff like this ALMOST BY HIMSELF.

This is the face of someone who still thinks it is funny to work wicked hard all day. SHE IS GONE NOW.



Whole wheat banana pancakes for engery

You have a little something on your face.

Leaf! Mormor! Patio! So happy!!!!



Three inches of gravel, completely level.

Stuffing his face with mee-yah. Mee-yah! = Banana

You can't tell, but she was the Queen of the Fussypantses this week.



Caroline did this on purpose and found it HYSTERICAL.

That's a lot of miles on my parent's minivan.

You call it poor food choices - I call it ENERGY FOR PATIO BUILDING



8 am and the start of our work day

Caroline & E enjoy my rock wall, which I built ALL BY MYSELF

Shopping date at Target to look at patio furniture. Spoiler alert: we bought this stuff.




Finishing the final construction steps

No mama! Don't make me shovel anymore!



Caroline & I took an early a.m. trip to Lowe's for some new plants

My dad decided he HAD NOT DONE ENOUGH this week so he cleaned and organized our garage. The man simply cannot be idle for even 10 minutes.

Safety first.

We went to the Irish pub in town to celebrate the end of a project (it's a tradition with my parents).

And I started looking at bathroom tiles for our NEXT major renovation. Maybe in the spring.

OMG I’m exhausted. Tomorrow is Little Evan’s monthday and then Monday I’ll have try to get back to blogging but it’s going to take me at least a month to talk about anything that isn’t “HAVE YOU SEEN MY PATIO IT IS SO AWESOME”. I’m going to sit on my hands as far as real finished patio pictures go until I get all the furniture I ordered for out here (I say “out here” because I am writing this RIGHT NOW from my patio, since the house wireless reaches our lounging fire pit area) but I won’t be able to resist bragging a little a lot before then. But I’ve missed my real life and my friends and Stroller Strides and not being covered in layers of dirt all day.

Did you take any camera phone photos this week? Link up with one or lots using the linky below and grab the code (so it shows on your blog too!) over at Amy’s . It’s really fun!

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12 Responses to “My Week(31) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Brigid Keely says:

    Wow! Looking AMAZING!

    If I ever get my ~~dream kitchen~~ (that is not in the building we are in right now, because any kitchen remodeling in this building will be 1930s period appropriate), I want to use jade or honey onyx tile. Note I say “want” and not “will” because it is gorgeous and really expensive as well.

    I love love love having an out door living space like you guys created. You are going to have so! much! fun! out there!

  2. Barbra says:

    It looks awesome!!! kudos to all of you for getting the job done!!

    p.s. bathroom tiling sucks. we just got done doing our bathroom. floors are not so bad, but the wall around the tub was AWFUL!!!! it does look great, and i especially love my new jakuzzi soaking tub (i can submerge my boobs and my knees at the same time!!) but tile is now a four letter word in this household.

  3. Yay! It looks great! We are thinking about doing a side patio this summer, but we tend to procrastinate… Yours, however, is absolutely fab. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  4. merin says:

    Fantastic!! And a wall too! It looks so great Suzanne. I still have tons of irises if you are still interested!

    • bebehblog says:

      Merin, I AM interested! I just haven’t had time to drive down to Mystic. But things are back to normal tomorrow so maybe I can swing by?

      • merin says:

        Hi! No problem-like I said, they can sit for a while so any time that’s good for you. We might go to the beach tomorrow AM if it’s nice but we are usually here all afternoon-oh, until 3, I forgot I have a doctor’s appt. Or any other day this week-just let me know so I am here (and you can see the house finally!) or I can put them out near the driveway. I now have oriental lillies and daylillies if you want those too!

  5. Amanda says:

    Oh I can’t wait to see how the patio looks!

  6. Shari says:

    It looks fantastic. Super impressed that you all tackled that yourselves — you should feel so accomplished and proud!!

  7. molly says:

    Yay for the big finished product! I can’t wait to see photos of all the furniture and plants and stuff!

  8. Kimberly says:

    Since you are now a patio pro, when are you available to come plan/build mine? I pay in ice cream and fresca :)
    I can’t wait to see more pics!

    • bebehblog says:

      Seeing as I already have plenty of ice cream and Fresca I’m going to say no. Oh and also because it was WAY TOO MUCH WORK to do again, EVER. There’s a reason people are paid a LOT for landscaping.

  9. Aunt Katie says:

    Just beautiful. Maybe Biff (your dad, my brother) would like to come build one for me and/or clean out my garage. BTW not being able to sit is a (our generation) Glidden trait. It can be a trait or a blessing as I stand here rocking back and forth while typing this on my Blackberry. Great job!

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