My Week(28) in iPhone Photos

We’re having an extremely busy week with more busy days to come…but somehow 90% of my pictures are still “Caroline being cute!” “Evan making a face!” Obviously I need to take more pictures that prove sometimes I actually DO STUFF besides stare at my kids.


Caroline learned to talk just to tell me "Happy Mother's Day!" OK, so she said "Aaaaaaeeeiiiiihhhhh!!" but I knew what she meant.

30 seconds later that lemonade was all over the floor. Oh, two year olds.

The toddler insisted I push them both around Target like that. So much for taking it easy on my special day.



Someone found her feet!

He couldn't find the dog, so he tried lying on the cat. Meanwhile, the cat plottd my demise.

I should NOT have let him do this - it is now impossible to get him out of the car without some "driving" first.

Right now, as I write this, Caroline is SCREAMING HER HEAD OFF. So I'm posting extra smiley pictures to remind myself she's usually extra smiley.

Sharing a joke.



Evan's choice was to eat with his blankie. I support him when he makes good choices. Even if they're weird.

Swinging high!

Kale before it was turned into chips. I think from now on I'll just put it on my sandwiches.



Mmmmm...bread. I ate at least half the loaf myself and I don't even feel bad about it.

We read Chicken Soup with Rice before nap time.

This is our other EVIL cat, Rabbit. She likes torturing mice and peeing on E's pillow. EVIL.

Onesie embroidered by the lovely @lifeversiontwo and skirt from Uff Da!



I-95 is really boring at 4 am - Just the way we like it.


Cracker Barrel! I had breakfast for dinner, which is the only acceptable choice at Cracker Barrel.

Lilacs in full bloom - does ANYTHING smell better than lilacs?



Have I mentioned recently that Eastern Connecticut is a BLACK HOLE of chain food restaurants? So when we come to Ohio we hit up everywhere possible.

FRENCH FRY! So the reason we were at lunch was because E has these internet friends he plays WoW with and he wanted to finally meet up in person. HE IS NO LONGER ALLOWED TO MAKE FUN OF BLOGHER.

Looks like a hat to me.

Part of the conservatory where my SIL is getting married. Outside. Everyone pray for NO RAIN on Sunday!

At the rehearsal dinner, the tables made a big rectangle. We threw Little Evan in with his cousins for some toddler-child death match. It was excellent entertainment.

I usually do pics for Saturday too but the next three days are going to be full of family and severely lacking in naps so I’m giving myself a break and getting this done early. I’ll try to take some pictures for Steppin’ Out this weekend, but if it continues to be EIGHTY DEGREES they’ll just be of me slumped over in the shade with a baby attached to my boob while I drip sweat. Sexy and awesome. Maybe I’ll fish some vintage tissues out of my purse to stick under my arms.

Did you take any camera phone photos this week? Link up with one or lots using the linky below and grab the code (so it shows on your blog too!) over at Amy’s . It’s really fun! )


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7 Responses to “My Week(28) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Amanda says:

    You have such cute kids and I love, love the picture of Evan and little Evan in the cart!

  2. Shari says:

    As always, such cute pictures … and no, there’s absolutely nothing that smells better than lilacs in full bloom! They hit that point about a week and a half ago here, and most of them are already gone. I wish they stayed around longer!!

    Enjoy the wedding!!

  3. Sarah-Anne says:

    gah, too much cuteness!!

  4. Kimberly says:

    Your kids are cut enough that it’s okay if you just stare at them all day :)
    And we just planted lilac bushes under our bedroom windows. Hopefully next year I will get to fall asleep to that smell for a couple weeks. So worth it!

  5. Holly says:

    The cute Caroline and Evan pictures are awesome! And I agree about the lilacs. The only flowers that smell sweeter are plumeria and they can’t grow in the NE climate so Lilac wins.

  6. ummm, i don’t mind your cute face pics!! because uh, your kiddos ARE adorable ;)

  7. OHHHH!! Feet finding day is EPIC! Love it!

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