My Week(17) in iPhone Photos

Our week started super well and ended very, very badly. I was sick (probably kidney related) on Friday and horribly terribly sick on Saturday, the kind of sick where you cannot function beyond breathing and even that seems like maybe too much work. It doesn’t help that ALL of us are snotty and coughing too – but at least kidney infections aren’t contagious so I can be as sick as a dog and not worry about passing it to the baby.


Poke poke poke Hey Daddy do you like this? Poke poke poke


See that? That's as polished as my sink gets. I have to admit it feels good to come down to a clean sink in the morning.


Stroller Strides was cancelled for a snow day so we stayed home and baked The Pioneer Woman's Angel Sugar cookies. DELICIOUS.

E had the day off too, so I had the chance to get some knitting done. My, Monday sure was domestic.


Playtime after Stroller Strides. All the running in circles leads to a GREAT nap.

9 weeks old and she's already bored with me. Blah!

Little Evan thought maybe she wanted to call someone and report me for being so lame.


Hey girl, I'll share my dope ride with you!

"Cat, not dog" is a concept lost on Little Evan. I put the poor kitty back in the basement for her own good.

I spent the evening putting together the favors for Little Evan's 2nd birthday. I figure if I do one thing a week for the next month I can throw a pretty good party even with a lot less free time than last year.


Someone thought maybe I should do some laundry.

It wasn't freezing cold so we spent a few minutes playing is the dirty dirty yard. Also, I think I know why the ends of his sippy cups keep falling off.

I ate way way way too many of these.


Evan was feeling very loving today towards his sister...

...and towards his Brutus. (Taken with Instagram)

Little Evan eating his Trix. For lunch. At 3 pm. I felt too lousy to care.

E had to work late (of course) so we made it through the evening with lots of reading.


Yeah, wear whatever you want kid.

What, don't you use your baby carrier to tote around your laptop? If you look in the background you can see the house slowly deteriorating thanks to my inability to stand up.

Thank God sleepy baby was sleepy. We just curled up on the couch most of the day and nursed.

I’m feeling a little better today, well enough to look at my computer screen at least, and I’m loading up on the Motrin and fluids so hopefully by the time I’m back to solo-parenting tomorrow I can function. I think planning on Stroller Strides might be a little optimistic – but hey, a 104 degree fever combined with a constantly nursing baby means I’ve probably lost 5 pounds since Friday anyways. Uh, yay?

Did you take any camera phone photos this week? Link up with one or lots using the linky below and grab the code (so it shows on your blog too!) over at Amy’s. It’s really fun!

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7 Responses to “My Week(17) in iPhone Photos”

  1. TMae says:

    Feel better, friend.

  2. Shannon says:

    I came over from a good life. I really like your blog. Hope you feel better soon! Those sugar cookies look amazing.

    I host a link-up on Fridays, called a few of my favorite things, and I’d love for you to link-up next week.

  3. Shari says:

    Feel better soon!!

  4. Feel better! And you can take pride in the fact that your house on its dirtiest day is probably still cleaner than mine.

  5. Kimberly says:

    I love all of the lovey pics! And the bubbles look great :)

  6. caroline is growing so so so fast!!! she’s starting to look like a BABY and less like a newborn. I love it… and the pic where e is letting the girl in his car? cuteness OVERLOAD!

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