I will spare you the other 398 pictures we took during our quick trip to Washington DC on Tuesday, but these were fun.

And if you’re my mom and just said “NO!!!! Where are all the PICTURES?!?!” don’t worry, I’ll put them on Facebook. Like a normal person without a blog. Those people still exist, right?

Also, can you freaking BELIEVE how EMPTY the Mall is??? Washington was post-tourist season but pre-field trip season and we practically had the place to ourselves. Most enjoyable visit ever.


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6 Responses to “Monumental”

  1. Cole says:

    Will definitely be checking out the FB pics – looks like a great trip!

  2. raincheckmom says:

    In hindsight we should have put Caroline down on the grass “next to” the monument!

  3. Tanya says:

    Those are great pictures. When I went to DC I was by myself so I only had a couple pics of me that random people took for me. I would not have thought to get so creative with the Monument though! You know, I could see that out my hotel room window:)

  4. I love little Evan’s. That’s adorable!!!

  5. Katie E. says:

    I love these fun pictures! I really want to take my kids to DC some time soon.

  6. I LOVE DC. Sadly, now that we are on the opposite coast? I don’t see it happening as much as it did in high school :-)

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