It's fun at the YMCA

Since I have very little to do and a lot of time to do it in, I’m taking advantage of my Y membership. I mean, they take the $38 out of my bank account every month so I assumed the building hadn’t burned down or been closed by the health department because of that smell in the locker room. So this week I trudged my lazy butt down the hill for a little exercise. Movement no longer triggers immediate vomiting and my steady diet of pasta and french fries is starting to take it’s toll on my *insert body part here*.

I usually take classes, but since I’m not supposed to spend too much time on my back (ironic, seeing as how that’s what got me fat to begin with. ba-dum-ching) Pilates and yoga are out. The equipment in the gym is pretty nice – although I think the StairMaster tried to kill me once – but I’m afraid of the weight machines. I’ve used similar machines before, in the college gym and then in the gym I joined before my wedding, but the Y is a much smaller place. You don’t get 5 minutes to figure out how to adjust the weight before someone is standing over your shoulder “aheming” and sighing because you interrupted their flow. Luckily the gym isn’t crowded at 11 am on a Thursday, so I had time to mess around. I’m going to focus on my arms, since my abs and ass are a lost cause until after April 1st.

My Y also has 2 pools – a nice warm one for kids and a bigger (colder) lap pool for adults. Ok, this is going to sound ridiculous considering I am one of the weakest, slowest swimmers in the world, but I really loved watching the Olympic swimmers and sort of imagine myself being that awesome some day. Especially  Dara Torres, with her fantastic abs and adorable daughter. In an interview she said she started swimming while she was pregnant as a way to stay in shape. Hey, I’m pregnant! I want to stay get in shape! I would also like a washboard stomach and shiny white teeth, although she may not have gotten the last one from doing laps. I realize I will never be in the Olympics and I may never wear a 2-piece bathing suit again after the baby moves out, but the water feels nice and the repetitive, soft movements are really relaxing. It’s the kind of exercise I might actually stick with, even if I have to waddle the 20 feet from the locker room to the edge and then roll myself into the water. But I’m not going to think about that part of pregnancy yet, since I’m kind of enjoying it right now.

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  1. stacyinbean says:

    Funny how only 1 state over that YMCA price is $68/month! BUT, the Y is great, and I love swimming too. It’s pretty much the best exercise out there in terms of calorie burning and less stress on your body! Plus, if your baby gets to swim all the time, you should too!

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