I need a brick for his head. That totally works right?

Yesterday morning when he woke up, Baby Evan lay in his crib and announced he was awake rather than cry or scream.

He ate a bagel and grapes for breakfast, an entire grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and ravioli off a plate WITH A FORK for dinner.

He brought us books and sat quietly while we read them. Over and over and over and over.

We played the “name that body part game” and he did nose, ear, head, belly and bellybutton on both himself and on me.

He gave lots of kisses both on demand and on his own.

He appears to have grown some more hair, especially on top.

At bedtime, he had a bath and jammies and a book and then E said “night night”, put him in the crib awake and standing up. Baby Evan lay down, hugged his blankie and went to sleep. Not a single protest.


p.s. I also felt Sandy moving for the first time yesterday. OMG THEY’RE GROWING SO FAST.

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4 Responses to “I need a brick for his head. That totally works right?”

  1. It is AMAZING how fast they go from tiny baby to CHILD isn’t it! I still can’t believe that my oldest is EIGHT years old now. It feels like forever ago that he was DS2’s age!

  2. Brandon says:

    Even now Maddie still ceases to amaze us by how grown up she has become. It is almost impossible to picture her as the little baby girl she was and will always be for us.

  3. MashugaMom says:

    LOL- cracked me up… My little guy is pointing and grunting for things now… when did he get so opinionated?!

  4. Amy says:

    I’m a little late to comment on this one. Sorry. Was on vacation and then Mia had 2 molars coming in as well as a few other teeth (HELP ME).
    It is amazing how fast they change overnight. And I am always surprised when she’s in such a good mood and absolutely everything goes perfectly smoothly for one whole day. It’s a great idea to write about the perfect days. They are harder to remember in the long run. :) Baby Evan is growing so fast!

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