His Rolliness

Our house is old and full of character, hardwood floors, big windows and high ceilings. Unfortunately, now our house is also full of baby crap, and I don’t mean in the diapers. One of the things that had not yet been moved/covered/replaced/changed to accommodate the baby was our beautiful, shiny hardwood floors. We had them refinished early in my pregnancy and figured that was probably good enough. I’d just sweep up the dog hair and run the Swiffer over them once a day. They don’t get that dirty. I mean, they’re not spotless but they’ll be fine. THEY WERE NOT FINE. The amount of dog hair that drifts across the room on any given day is ridiculous, not to mention the cat hair and the dirt all of us track in. I had been putting the baby down on a blanket or a towel but now that he can roll those aren’t really big enough. “You know what we need?” I said to E, “We need a really big thick towel that covers the whole middle of the floor and has a sticky back so it doesn’t slide everywhere.” “Let’s go buy a rug,” said E.

And so we did.

IMG_3582 It was $25 at Target (75% off!) which was just too good to pass up. We also got one for the nursery for $12 so now I’m not tempted to put Baby Evan down in the crib for play time. I think he really likes his new rug…

IMG_3568 …even though it confused him a little at first. It’s much better for scooting than the slippery floor. It is NOT, however, thick enough to prevent crying if the baby accidentally falls on his face because you thought he was sitting up on his own but he’s really not. Not that anyone here would ever do that. And by anyone I mean me. Maybe we should have gotten something a little bigger, since His Rolliness cannot be contained.

IMG_3576 Pay no attention to those cords behind the baby. We’re terrible childproofers.

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7 Responses to “His Rolliness”

  1. sarrible says:

    Has he tried to eat it?

  2. That second picture is just phenomenal. May I suggest foam floor squares? They are nice because they give that added head whacking protection and you can put them down and take them up as needed. Also, washable.

  3. Stacy Baertson says:

    I can’t even handle how cute he is Suzanne! My ovaries are exploding with squee’s! The rugs are great too!!!

  4. mv says:

    your living room is just like mine – pretty hardwood floors, baby crap, and a rug with a cute-ass kid on it!

  5. Brigid Keely says:


    You got it at Target? Seriously? I hope they have those same rugs out here. I am so going there this weekend.

    Nick rolled under a chair and got stuck, so I got him out. He immediately rolled back under that chair because he’d found a bunch of wires to chew. GOOD JOB BABY. Expose my negligent parenting to the world.

  6. silenceandnoise says:

    so cute!

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