Deployment Milestones: A Brief List

A few of the deployment milestones we’ve reached since August:

  1. The day of.
  2. When you wake up the morning after and realize this is just the FIRST DAY.
  3. The moment you get caught up on laundry and put away your spouse’s last item of clothing.
  4. What feels like the first major crisis.
  5. The first time some service person says “Well, talk it over with your husband…” and you say “Well, actually he’s deployed so I’ll probably just decide on my own because I haven’t heard from him and I’m not exactly sure when I will and things are complicated so…”
  6. A holiday.
  7. The first REAL major crisis.
  8. When you finally get an email.
  9. The first time some service person says “Well, talk it over with your husband…” and you say “No, it’s just me”.
  10. The first trip to urgent care.
  11. That moment when you make a big financial decision you wouldn’t usually dream of making alone.
  12. First major crying breakdown.
  13. The first OMG WHAT am I even going to do major crisis.
  14. When some service person says “Well, talk it over with your husband…” and you just say “OK” because it’s easier.
  15.  Doing something you hate and usually your spouse would do but that’s not an option.
  16.  Using your power of attorney.
  17. Losing 10 lbs because being on a diet is easier alone.
  18. Completely throwing your diet out the window because being alone is horrible.
  19. When you wake up one morning and realize this is totally normal now.
  20. HALFWAY.

We’re not at that last one yet, but it’s getting closer every day.


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2 Responses to “Deployment Milestones: A Brief List”

  1. Lauren says:

    I did deployment before we had children, so I can’t begin to know your challenges, but we counted holidays. Every holiday, every silly little holiday, that gave us another thing to check off the list. Thinking of you and amazed at you getting through each day.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Oh, not halfway through yet! Man alive that’s hard work. Such respect to you and your family. Keep going gorgeous lady, ‘cos y’know a/ you haven’t got the choice ;-) and b/ you’ve got this, you can so do it and do it well xx

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