Caroline: 8 Months

When I’m not busy abandoning/starving* her, Caroline is still the sweetest baby ever. Notice I didn’t say “most cooperative” or “easiest” or “least likely to shatter your eardrums” because damn, that girl knows what she wants when she wants it and is not shy about screeching until she gets it. You’re eating a grape? How DARE you eat a grape! GIVE ME THAT GRAPE!

Speaking of grapes, Caroline eats ANYTHING. An-eeeeee-thing. The only thing holding her back is missing chompers – she only has two full teeth (the bottom front two) and one little sharp edge on the top, so chewing up her spicy pulled pork sandwich was a little difficult. But by golly she gave it her best shot! Her favorite things so far are mini pretzels, clementines, apples, and cheese sticks. She also decided to tolerate a spoon, so I bought a bunch of those sqeezey pouches and the little spoon attachment for them (GENIUS, amirite?) but feeding her like that takes so much…effort. Baby-led weaning for the lazy parenting win.

Despite all the eating she remains a tiny peanut sized baby, wearing mostly 3-6 month onesies and 6 month dresses. In public, strangers stop to tell me she’s so LITTLE and how can she possibly be SITTING UP in that shopping cart, since she can’t be more than 4 or 5 months old?! It blows their mind that she’s 8 months old, and then their minds are doubly blown when she smiles at them and her cuteness lasers shoot out of her giant eyes and they fall right over dead from adorable. She’s a lady-killer – especially elderly ladies at the grocery store.

I think being tiny is working to her advantage in the motor skills department. Her lack of chub makes her body easier to haul around, which explains her lightening speed crawling and her independent standing skills. THAT’S RIGHT. My eight-months-old-today baby will crawl to something, pull herself up, and then just….let go and stand. I’m only a little ashamed to admit I’ve started knocking her over (GENTLY AND LOVINGLY, OBVS) so she doesn’t get any ideas about walking, but her balance is amazing and sometimes she refuses to be knocked.

I’m betting she takes her first steps in less than 3 weeks – which would put her a full month ahead of her brother when it comes to walking (Little Evan started at 9 months, 3 weeks and I thought that was INSANE). I’m going to have two babies running in opposite directions within a month. HOLD ME.

Being attacked by a toddler in a tutu is just part of her day

Ok, so she has some KIND OF chubby bits

Someone's quickly losing patience with these monthly photo shoots

8 Month Milestones (from BabyCenter, as usual)

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
Says “mama” or “dada” to parents (isn’t specific) – Her babbling has really picked up and she says mama and dada, but I don’t know if it’s TO a parent.
Passes objects from hand to hand – Yes

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)
Stands while holding onto something – Pulls up, stands, LETS GO. I’m signing her up for tightrope lessons for her first birthday.
Crawls – She’s a crawling machine.
Points at objects – Uh….no. I have seen no pointing. Mostly she just goes and gets what she wants.
Searches for hidden objects – Yeah, like my iPhone. You CANNOT HIDE IT FROM HER.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
Pulls self to standing, cruises – Yes
Picks things up with thumb-finger pincer grasp – She can pick up small things (goldfish crackers, half a grape, bits of dog hair) and get them in her mouth, but it’s mostly a grab-with-her-fist-and-shove method.
Indicates wants with gestures – Yes, if by “gestures” you mean “high pitched pterodactyl screams”.

I will try to get some videos of Caroline doing adorable Caroline-like things this weekend, because there is no way to describe in words how weird it looks when such a TEENY TINY baby chases you down and climbs your leg.

*My supply is back to normal and I’m hoping to re-build my freezer stash ASAP. I’m SO relieved.

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14 Responses to “Caroline: 8 Months”

  1. TMae says:

    Crawling? Cruising? WALKING? Wasn’t she born, like… yesterday? I love her.

  2. Shari says:

    That second to last picture is just priceless :)

    Happy eight months to her!

  3. sarrible says:

    So what you’re saying is that we can probably teach her to kayak next month, right? Has Evan mastered opening bottles of champagne yet?

  4. Sarah-Anne says:

    gahhh, the cuteness. everytime i LOOK at a pic of her or Evan i die from the aforementioned cuteness lasers.

  5. andrea says:

    Walking? But she is still a newborn!! Lack of chub?! You are underestimating those rolls! Screeching until she gets it?! But she looks like a doll and dolls don’t screech!
    No, but seriously, she is too cute and I really feel like she was born last week. xxxo

  6. Suz B says:

    Happy Eight Months! Love that one with her pouting in the skirt. So cute.

  7. Kyley Leger says:

    I always love Caroline pictures! She’s so adorable! You might want to keep track of the lady-killer stats. I think you’ve got a winner in that category!

  8. You do kind of make her sound like a tiny ginger terminator, with the tracking and climbing and all.

  9. Julie S. says:

    She is adorable! I love that you called her a lady-killer- that is hilarious!

  10. Rachael says:

    Your kids are adorable! I admit, you have given me a great idea for when my baby is born. Monthly photo shoots! I don’t think I would have thought about that without stumbling onto your site. Your pictures are great! :)

    • bebehblog says:

      I might actually be the LAST person in the world to do monthly photos of their baby (Well, second to last). There are TONS of cute idea out there for how to do them – blocks that spell their age, putting them in the same 12 month onesie for every picture, putting them next to a stuffed animal so you can see how they’ve grown. I wish I had time to do them all!

      p.s. Her month number is a sticker – try searching for baby onesie months stickers. SO MUCH cheaper than getting actual onesies!

  11. Kimberly says:

    The spoon attachment thing is awesome for one handed feeding. And I am noticing I am doing baby-led weening way more than with JD- mostly because I just can’t find the time to do more than throw food on O’s highchair tray. AND Falling over dead from adorable. Definitely. Especially the pic of Evan attacking :) How are our babies old enough to do all these things?!?!?!

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