Calm Before The Storm

1. Paleo pumpkin bars so I’ll be less tempted to eat the Oreos.
2. Our patio is prepared for the storm.
3. The last of my Halloween decorations that probably no one will see.
4. Glued to the TV for updates.
5. Giant tree less than 7 feet from my back porch. I heard from the previous owners this tree’s twin on the other side of our yard fell during a hurricane a few years ago so it’s my biggest worry.
6. Guest room ready in case local friends are evacuated.
7. Brutus is pretty worried.
8. Bathtub full of water for emergency toilet-flushing.
9. The kids just think it’s awesome that Daddy has the day off.

This is our second storm in as many years, but Irene didn’t do much more than make a mess. We’re hopeful Sandy isn’t any worse, but the updates from the new stations and weather channel are starting to sound serious and not just in the standard OMG-END-OF-THE-WORLD exaggerated way we’re used to in New England.

We aren’t in danger of flooding or being evacuated ourselves, so we’re just waiting for the winds to pick up later today and praying we don’t lose power for too long or have a tree come through the roof. Luckily E took care of his last urgent work thing this morning and none of us have to leave the house again until at least tomorrow. I’m trying to balance being reasonably concerned with not freaking out, but when the governor closes the roads – like, ALL the roads – it’s hard to keep my anxiety at bay. For now, I’m cheerfully eating Halloween candy and enjoying frivolous electricity usage while I still can. Sending safe thoughts and prayers for everyone in the path of the storm. As long as our house is still standing you’re more than welcome here if you need somewhere to go.

4 pm Update: Still good, still have power. The wind is getting sort of crazy and we’ll be “camping” on the main floor tonight instead of sleeping upstairs tonight but so far we’re OK.

10 pm Update: Power still on, just a few flickers so far. Sent the kids up to bed because we were going CRAZY with all of us in one room all day and the way the wind is blowing means our two scary trees would fall away from the house. We are still HAPPY to host anyone who needs somewhere to go tomorrow, although I’ve heard a ton of roads are blocked by downed trees. Stay safe friends!

8 pm Tuesday Update: Hello friends! I forget sometimes that I’m not real-life (or at least Facebook) friends with everyone, so I forgot to update here. We made it through the storm with no problems. E even had to go into work today although Evan’s preschool was cancelled. We’ll have our porch light on tomorrow for trick-or-treaters (after a quick stop at Target to replace all the candy we ate!) and we’re hoping the neighbors do the same for our first time out!

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8 Responses to “Calm Before The Storm”

  1. Joanna says:

    stay safe. Almost all of my family is on Long Island and I’m super nervous for them.

  2. thinking of you guys; be safe. & all fingers and toes crossed that no trees come through your roof!

  3. MommaExpat says:

    Hope you brave the storm with ease, looks like you’re ready!

  4. Krista says:

    Stay safe and let us all know that you’re safe and sound when you can. XO!

  5. Jess Judkins says:

    Oh my goodness we did the same thing! Well baked other non diary things so I wont be tempted to eat junk. But I scrubbed our entire house just in case people need to stay over (plus cleaning helps me not think of the storm) and we have so many old trees near the house that the HOA marked off to cut down over the summer and they never did.

    Praying that you dont lose electricity

  6. Liz says:

    Would they reschedule Halloween? (is there a way to do that??)
    Stay safe. :)

    • bebehblog says:

      Our town doesn’t really do a scheduled Halloween, it’s just ON Halloween…I’m guessing there just wouldn’t be a lot of houses with their lights on. (And we might eat all our candy to hand out before then!)

  7. Kirsten says:

    Hope you’re all ok… only without power to post. We watch the news from here in London and my husband surfs the news channels as much as he’s allowed to (!) to keep up to date – but/and – without wishing your tree down- your posts have made the reality of this storm feel much more personal. Hope your are / stay safe xx

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