Last night I sent the following tweet:

The picture is of a delicious Blue Moon complete with orange slice. And nowhere near that beer was a baby. In fact, there were ZERO babies in the whole bar. Instead, five other mamas and I ate nachos and onion straws and buffalo wings and chips and spinach artichoke dip and did I mention the BEER? And the mojitos? And the margarita? It was a momentous occasion. (Actual conversation as I was leaving – Me: “This was AMAZING!” Amy: “You should blog about it.” Me: “OH I TOTALLY WILL.”) It may have only lasted an hour and a half and I may have left early because E had to go back into work but that didn’t stop me from wearing a REAL BRA AND DANGLY EARRINGS. Do you know how long it’s been since I could wear dangly earrings without worrying about having my earlobe torn in two by sticky, grabby, baby hands? I’m only sad I didn’t stay long enough to order a giant chocolate dessert and eat it all by myself.

It’s just so amazing to have girlfriends. Women friends. Mom friends who understand what it’s like to never sleep through the night and talk about poop without wincing and break out their phones to show off baby photos faster than you can say “stretch marks”. I actually feel sort of sorry for E because although he gets to go to work every day and spend baby-free time with grown ups he can’t be having nearly as much fun as I had in that 90 minutes last night. I need to work on getting some of these moms together as couples so maybe he can meet some dad friends. Although I doubt they’ll talk about poop quite as much.

Since I already had knitting group on Wednesday night this was actually the second time in a week I left E to deal with bedtime. It’s a good time of day to put him in charge since E’s always done bathtime, pajamas and rocked Baby Evan to sleep. The only thing I miss is the last bedtime feeding, which Baby Evan usually makes up for around midnight. E doesn’t seem to mind being left alone since he can play all the computer games he wants without a wife looking over his shoulder or trying to talk about her day or her feelings or some other crap like that. The next step will be hiring someone to come over at 7 pm and sit on our couch to watch TV while Baby Evan sleeps and BOTH of us get to go to a bar. It’s taken almost 10 months but I finally feel ready. Amen.

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  1. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    Good for you!!!

  2. Congratulations! I was lucky enough to be able to go out and celebrate my best friends B-Day WITH my husband the other night while leaving the baby w/ my mom. The result was a very wasted me who kept asking all my non-parent friends “I’m not talking about the baby too much am i?” And it sucked to get up at 7 am w/ the baby (who normally doesn’t wake up that early but was probably all ‘oh hey mom rolled in at 4 am why don’t i get up early?’) But dude, it was magical to be out with the husband doing adult things.

  3. amymama says:

    I had a blast, Suzanne and am already planning or rather yearning for our next “happy hour!” :)

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