Baby Fashion Show!

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After dressing a boy for almost 2 years, I have to say I was really really looking forward to blowing a zillion dollars on dresses and pink and butt ruffles and tiny adorable shoes. I maaaaaay even have started buying little girl clothes while I was still pregnant with Baby Evan – you know, just in case the doctors were wrong.

And then I got pregnant with Caroline and was totally stopped in my tracks. One tiny corner of baby girl’s closet holds those few things I bought before she was even a twinkle in my eye…and the rest is STUFFED WITH STUFF. Stuff that didn’t cost me a dime.

One word: Hand-me-downs.

Wait, is that three words? Whatevs. My point is Caroline could wear a different outfit for the first 365 days of her life without a single repeat. As far as dress clothes go? Girl is set until she’s at least 6. It seemed like everyone I know was suddenly trying to unload adorable, barely worn baby clothes.

And the best part about dressing a baby? She has no opinion! I can put her in anything I want! It’s like having a tiny living doll! Wait that sounds totally creepy and insane! Exclamation point!!!

But even though 80% of her clothes are pre-loved, I try to mix in special handmade or vintage pieces so she doesn’t feel so…second childy. Not that at FIVE MONTHS OLD she’s going to get a complex or something, but it eases some of my maybe-I-don’t-treat-her-special-enough-because-I’m-so-busy-with-the-toddler guilt. I have issues, but at least they’re the kind of issues that lead to adorable baby outfits.

There’s her easy to throw on for a last minute special playdate look:

Leggings knit by me!

There’s her cool 70’s style look:

Vintage pinnafore from my own baby-hood

There’s her spring wedding look:

Shrug knit by me, booties knit by my friend Jenny

There’s her chilling around the house look:

Vintage koala overalls from my own baby-hood (possibly the cutest picture of Caroline EVER)

There’s her summer playground look (pants are great for swinging!):

Handmade felt headband by Giddy Up and Grow

And this is what she was actually wearing today after I finally got her out of PJ’s:

Rosette headband by Allora Handmade, blue skirt by Uff Da Designs


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15 Responses to “Baby Fashion Show!”

  1. Amanda says:

    She is just too cute and all the clothes are so adorable. Shopping for girls is so much fun!

  2. Suz B says:

    Quite possibly the cutest baby in the cutest outfits ever! Love it Suzanne!

  3. Sarah-Anne says:

    gah, too much cuteness/bebeh for one post!! also? i want all her outfits.

  4. Sponsored or not, I demand more baby fashion shows.

  5. the grumbles says:

    the first one’s my favorite! nom. think it would work in giant adult-sized version?

  6. Miranda says:

    I’m with Amy. I want to see cute pics of your kids all dressed up. Though I think Caroline will always be far more forgiving of the wardrobe changes than Evan.

  7. Katherine says:

    im sorry, but that child is TOO DAMN CUTE. are you kidding me with that face? AND THEN YOU GO AND DRESS HER LIKE THAT?? give me a break. i want to nom her!! btw, soo sad we never got to meet!! xoxo

  8. Aw, she is so adorable!

  9. Kendra says:

    You are killing me with too much cute. Or more precisely, Caroline is killing me. Her little Zoolander face in the polka-dot pants? And then smiling at herself Brady Bunch-style in the blue skirt?? Too adorable!

  10. Kimberly says:

    How many boys will I have to have before I get do this? :P
    She is so unbelievably amazing.

  11. she just! keeps! getting! more! CUTE!!!

    love this kid. seriously, love BOTH your kids. way to bring the adorbs, my friend. these outfits are amazing!! please, please keep the bebeh fashion shows coming! and YAY for sponsorships! old navy is one of my all-time-go-to faves for dressing poppy. (:


  12. Shari says:

    Most adorable post ever – such cute clothes on such a cute baby girl! :)

  13. Londonmum says:

    Love this fashion show and really really love the type of clothes you put her in. The mix of vintage is so cute and she looks adorable. Yay for little girl clothes ( and a sweet model for them)!

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