So tomorrow at 9:30 am is my first actual doctor’s appointment! I can’t believe the doctor has trusted me to do this on my own for so long. Shouldn’t I have some sort of degree or license in order to grow people? I am both incredibly excited and terrified about my ultrasound. I need to see a heartbeat before I can believe this is real, but on the other hand I’m scared they’ll find something wrong or give me bad news and I don’t know how to handle that. I have this deep deep down super secret feeling that one of the reasons my morning sickness and symptoms have gotten so bad so fast is because there’s more that one baby. I have no real reason for thinking that and will regret saying it out loud after tomorrow, but I just…want it to be true. Although as long as there is one complete happy baby I will be dancing through the streets tomorrow. Update as soon as I get one, I promise!


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  1. Trashtastic says:

    Oh, I’m so excited for you!!! Don’t worry you and the BlondBebeh(es?) will be a-ok. (Yes, the heartbeat is supposed to be that fast)

    And as the mother of two little ones 20 months apart, and the girl of a boy/girl twin set, you’ll survive. Do what Mama Trashtastic did – DRINK HEAVILY.

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