A day without snow

In New England, as soon as we get that one glorious day of warm above freezing weather everyone goes berserk with spring fever and breaks out their flip-flops and skirts and shorts and starts acting like it’s 85 degrees out. The stores put all their jeans and sweaters on clearance and start selling bathing suits and sandals (True story – about two weeks after giving birth last April I went out to buy some non-maternity jeans to wear until I fit into my old ones. It took four stores to find one really terrible, overpriced pair because everyone was selling SHORTS). No one cares that one 45 degree day in March is usually followed by six more weeks of winter. We could get two feet of snow tomorrow and half my state would still be out in their gardens planting flowers, insisting it’s just a fluke storm and summer is just around the corner.

Having lived in New England for approximately half my life (on and off) I fall victim to this false spring every. single. year. I think it’s a form of self-preservation, since if you don’t fully enjoy the few warm days we get in February and March you’ll be hiding in a dark room banging your head against the wall waaaay before May.

Since Baby Evan is a true New England baby, we took advantage of today’s springlike above freezing weather to take him to the park. I was hoping that since he walks about 75% of the time around the house he’d really enjoy a new space to run. Instead, he threw himself on the ground as soon as he discovered the joy that is mulch. E and I spent the whole time trying to keep him from shoving handfuls of cedar bark and acorns in his mouth. I guess we can add “dirt” to the list of things he probably won’t be allergic too based on early childhood consumption. Already on the list: dog hair, cat hair, lint, yarn, dust, blood, plastic, wood and stickers. Still, I would call our first park adventure a success.

He wasn't quite sure about the swing at first (or maybe he was just COLD, like E kept saying. "Do you think he's cold? He looks cold. Aren't you cold?")

But he definitely warmed up to it (OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT PUN? BAM!)

I don't know if you can even see the baby over my ridiculously yellow sweater. I bought it this morning in a frenzy of pastel colors and tank tops at Old Navy.

"I don't know what just happened, but LET'S DO IT AGAIN"


WHEEEEEEEE!!! (And just in case you're thinking I'm some sort of neglectful mother who's so busy taking pictures she sends her 11 month old down the slide alone, don't worry. I'm sitting on the end and there is NO WAY he's gonna get around me. My butt could keep eight kids on that slide.)

Oh did I say slide was my favorite? I meant stick. STICK is definitely my favorite.

Yes (despite this very questionable caterpillar climby thing - now with more chipped lead paint!!!) I think we'll definitely be back for more park.

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6 Responses to “A day without snow”

  1. Mkp-hearts-nyc says:

    A whole world of awwwww! He’s super cute. I especially like the expression on E’s face up at the top of the slide – you should save it for a father’s day card (and delete this comment so it’ll be a TOTAL SURPRISE)

  2. Meg says:

    Aww, these are great! And you look marvelous, girl.

  3. E says:

    @Mkp-hearts-nyc: you don’t think I read my own wife’s blog?!? SURPRISE!!! :-D

  4. bellegourmande says:

    This is awesome! And I loooove that sweater. As in I am going to Old Navy ASAP to buy one of my very own.

  5. merin says:

    These pictures are great Suzanne! I am so impressed with Evan’s sliding ability. Cora ate some mulch yesterday too. And dirt, grass, dried crusty hydrangea flowers, hydrangea branches, and finished off with a few sprigs of 2009’s rosemary (you know, as a digestif). She was so happy! And I was so happy to not be inside with the same old crappy toys.

    You are super sunshine-y in the yellow sweater!!

  6. Oh my god, that picture of him sliding down the slide all by himself SLAYS ME.

    My boyfriend is going to have to bar me from reading your blog and watching the cute babies on “Teen Mom,” because I’m starting to get bebehfever at the tender age of 20. Make it stop!

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