17 Months

I was too busy passing my baby off on other people to do a post in honor of his 17 month milestone this weekend. Yes, I am a terrible, neglectful, horrible mother AND I DON’T EVEN CARE A TEENY TINY BIT. It was actually a much more important milestone for E and me – we’ve never turned baby bedtime over to anyone else before. My parents swear it was fine besides some protests over the big, slippery bath tub and Baby Evan was so exhausted from TWO dogs and several balls that he slept in later than I did every day. We are now one step closer to hiring an actual non-related baby sitter so we can make date night a regular event.

Ok, I swear I am done talking about how much we needed that break. Over. Done.

We really needed a break. A together break. Couple time is totally different from just a mommy break.

Sorry. Now let’s talk about my kid!

17 month milestones from Baby Center, as usual

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
• Uses six words regularly – Yes, sort of, maybe. Most days it feels like the only two words he says are “dog” and “ball”. DOG! BALL! DOG! BALL! And new from this weekend, “DOGBALL!” – as in the ball that belongs to the dog and is not for babies. Definitely yes if you count signs.
• Enjoys pretend games – Maybe? I’m not always sure what he’s doing when he entertains himself. I guess he’s pretending. He is very good at making imaginary phone calls.
• Likes riding toys – Loves riding toys. Especially the dog. He also tried to ride his little V-Tech helicopter today with very poor results.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)
• Feeds doll – He’d rather feed Mommy or Daddy or Brutus. He’s very good at sharing food.
• Speaks more clearly – Well, “NO” no sounds exactly like “NO” instead of “neeaaawwwoo!!” He can also add “no” to any other word to make a sentence – “no dog!” “no ball!” “no dada!” “no book!”
• Throws a ball underhand – My kid is a ball throwing genius. He’s been throwing overhand (on the chart as an “advanced skill” at 18 months) for months already and has EXCELLENT aim. He can also catch the small blue ball about 50% of the time, which isn’t even on the under-two charts. Now we just have to decide which sports to sign him up for. (Football? Baseball?)

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
• Dances to music – He is a dancing FOOL. I swear I’ll get good video some time soon, but most of his dancing is to commercials on TV (add one more point to the bad mommy tally) so it’s only for a few seconds. He also “sings” sometimes, which is adorable.
• Sorts toys by color, shape, or size – Are they balls? He can sort those. He doesn’t really play with the toys specifically made for sorting yet, but he can sort his food based on color.
• Kicks ball forward – BAAAAAAALL!!!!! So, yes. (Soccer?)

A quick round-up of everything else: Baby Evan has 12 teeth – only missing the 2 year molars and the four canines. He’s going to get his first haircut soon, unless I can’t bring myself to do it because I don’t think the back-of-the-head curls are going to grow back and I love them SO SO much. He still refuses to wear shoes most of the time, although that’s mostly because he has TEENY TINY MIDGET FEET and all his cute size 5 sneakers are still too big and the size 4’s pinch his toes. He goes to sleep after a bath and a book without any protest, sleeps from 8 pm to 8 am and takes a 2-3 hour nap around 1 o’clock. (Do not ask me how we managed that, it was blind luck and a good tempered kid). We are still using cloth diapers during the day and disposables at night or when we travel, a system that works really well for us. Baby Evan is a champ at riding in the car, riding in the stroller and going new places. He loves everyone and gives out hugs and high-fives within minutes of meeting strangers. It is AMAZING to watch him grow into an actual little person, although sometimes littler person opinions can be a challenge. And I’ve got to stop laughing at his temper tantrums or I’ll encourage the banging-his-head-against-the-floor-and-stomping-his-feet-fits he’s recently started. They’re just so hilarious, especially since he knows not to hit people and dogs and often flounces off to hit a couch or a wall instead. Oh the flouncing.

Happy 17 months Baby Evan! I promise to stop calling you Baby really really soon!

Hockey? Daddy would like that one best. And yes, again, hobo baby wears no shoes.

Two of his favorite things: Dog and Yarn.

Food breakthrough: HUMMUS. Spinach and artichoke here. The mess is definitely worth the nutritional value.

Party Baby!! It's a whistle from the bachelorette party that I sadly broke just a few minutes after Baby Evan figured out how it worked. "Accidentally" broke, of course.

And here’s your bonus Baby Evan video of the week: attempting to jump. Jumping isn’t on the milestone chart until almost 2 years, so clearly these attempts are early and understandably less than perfect. But he loves doing it!

Sorry about the video, I forgot to turn my phone sideways & the quality isn’t very good, but you can get the idea.

(Maybe not basketball)

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9 Responses to “17 Months”

  1. MKP says:

    OH FER CUTE. I’m glad you guys are getting some grown-up time before oh crap you have two babies. And I’m extremely glad that Baby E is starting to jump. I especially liked the part where he launched himself across the room and it kind of looked like his head was being gravitationally pulled to the wall.

  2. brigidkeely says:

    Ok. I feel better about Niko’s freaky small head because Evan has freaky small feet. Whew. Babies are weird.

    That jumping video is hilarious.

    Did you do anything special to discourage hitting? Niko sometimes hits, but mostly throws things… hard things… at our faces. I’m not sure what the best way to handle that is. Any suggestions?

    • Suzanne says:

      We stopped the throwing stuff at our faces by teaching him to ask “READY?” before he throws. That way, if it’s something particularly hard or pointy we can tell him to aim it elsewhere. Or at least have a warning before it hits you.

      As far as the hitting goes, we FAILED at a consistent, effective approach. The original plan was to explain that it hurt in a calm voice and redirect him. Instead, E is a fan of the hand smack while I mostly over react and scream “OUCH!!! NOOOO!!!” which just makes him a)laugh or b)cry hysterically. But amazingly Baby Evan has still learned hitting is bad and that gentle is good – although, like I said, he still hits inanimate objects. And himself.

  3. Amanda says:

    Oh I miss that little chubby cheeked red head! He is so darn cute and growing so fast! And I have to tell you Brandon may be knocking down your door soon- I may have sorta said that I totally want to go cloth diapers for number two.

  4. lookit that bebeh evan eating hummus and kicking balls and dancing and AAAHHHHH how i wish we lived close enough to get him and the pop tart together! so much cute!

    happy 17 months to this beautiful boy. i love you guys. and congrats on your first step towards consistent date night! for david’s 30th birthday @ the end of october, i will be leaving bedtime for poppy up to my step-dad for the first time ever as i take the hubs out to celebrate. i may freak out. but i think it’ll be a step in a healthy, good-for-my-marriage direction. (;


  5. Yay! I am not the only one with a shoe-refusing hobo baby.

  6. Kitty Conner says:

    Oh god, 17 months without a date? And almost two years without a whole cocktail? Just when I thought that this having babies thing might be a lovely idea.

    I honestly cannot fathom. You, madam, are worthy of so very much admiration.

  7. I’m not kidding when I say that your child is borderline genius in comparison to MJ. He understands virtually everything I say which is great but as far as him speaking or signing things to me. It’s so not happening on a regular basis. smart kiddo he is!

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